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Helping female small business owners to break down barriers, grow their confidence, build their businesses and achieve their full potential.

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What is Tabono?

Tabono is a unique support system for female business owners. Using our signature CALM approach,  we provide an holistic approach to entrepreneurship where we look after both you and your business.


Ask questions, make connections and support each other.


Commit to your goals and make them happen, knowing that you have support.


Learn with us, and take your skills and knowledge to the next level.


Harness our expertise and experience to super-charge your business.

Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female

Boosting female entrepreneurship could add £250bn to the economy

48% of women cite confidence as a barrier to starting a business

*Statistics from the Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship, 2019

“Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate, your success will be determined by your confidence and fortitude.”

Michelle Obama

Why choose Tabono?

Running a business on your own can be very stressful, and it can be very lonely. But our signature CALM approach means that you are never on your own. Choosing to work with Tabono ensures that:

  • You can focus on growing your business, whilst making sure that you look after your wellbeing too
  • You have a place to go and people to ask when you have questions or are feeling stuck.
  • You have a team behind you for the difficult days, the amazing days, and the days when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone
  • You can learn from a range of experts to take your knowledge to the next level

Make the choice to be CALM in your approach to running a small business today. Get in touch with us to find out how we can support you and your business today.

    I am so excited to be part of such an incredibly nurturing, supportive and inspiring group of ladies!!

    A Tabono Community member

    What services do we offer?


    • A thriving membership community where you can meet like-minded female small business owners, where the emphasis is on learning and support, as well as business growth
    • A 2-to-1 mentoring programme where you can receive bespoke, targeted support from our co-founders to develop your business
    • Life coachingsupporting you to take focused action to improve any area of your life or business
    • Business Masterminds where you can harness the ideas, expertise and connections of the group to move your businesses forward
    • Monthly Network & Learn events to allow you to connect with fellow business women and learn from invited speakers
    • Twice-monthly co-working events to increase your productivity
    • A range of workshops on a variety of topics, from planning and goal-setting to bullet journaling and capturing your vision.
    • Access to our resident experts, selected for their knowledge and reputations for excellence in their respective fields

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      Chloë Leibowitz

      Chloë Leibowitz


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      Anna Verghese


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