So what is it about supporting entrepreneurs? And why is it so important?

The idea for Tabono came to Chloe and Anna over coffee. The meeting started with a desire to work together, but within an hour or so, the idea had morphed from a short workshop into the 12 month Tabono programme.

Chloe Leibowitz and Anna Verghesse

Like any good entrepreneurs, we did our research, just in case our idea was actually that bit too far fetched. We spoke with local entrepreneurs that we knew, running both new and more established businesses. We consulted people who wanted to start a business, but just didn’t know how to make it work. New parents who were trying to reconcile work and family. People who had tried to get started, but a lack of confidence had held them back.

The UK perspective

We aimed to consult with as broad a range of people as we could, and this also included the British Prime Minister, The Rt Hon. Theresa May, MP.

I am delighted that local entrepreneurs, Chloe and Anna, plan to launch an online programme to share their business experience and knowledge, with the aim of helping develop stronger and more confident entrepreneurs.

New businesses are the lifeblood of a healthy, expanding economy. They symbolise aspiration and are a source of jobs. At the start of 2018, there were a record 5.7 million SME’s in the UK, creating more than 16.3 million jobs and contributing £2 trillion to our economy. It is therefore important that entrepreneurs are supported in their endeavours.

The Rt. Hon. Theresa May, MP

All of our research showed that supporting and growing the UK’s entrepreneur community is vital. As Mrs May’s quote shows, it is fundamental to the economy. Also, it can give individuals the challenge and momentum that they crave, along with providing the opportunity to be flexible where required.

Life as an entrepreneur is thrilling and terrifying. It’s exhilarating and exhausting. So, if you have always wanted to start a business, but haven’t managed to do so for whatever reason, check out our programme today, and start making progress to your goals!

We, here at Tabono HQ, can’t wait to support you on your journey!