You set yourself a target and you know exactly how amazing it’s going to feel when you meet it. When it all comes to life and everything looks and feels just right. Whether those ambitions are health- , fitness- , home- or business-related, we always get that same buzz at the point when we commit and make it happen.

But what’s next? For most of us, what’s next is letting ourselves off the hook when it comes to picking up the phone and making that call, or fitting in the workout, or doing the prep needed to get the job done. No-one knows, except you, so there’s no consequence. No-one, except you, to let down.

But that’s the thing. You are letting yourself down. We all are when we fall into that trap.

So, why do we do it? Why is it that, when we want something so much, we still sabotage our efforts and throw those dreams and goals out of the window?

Becoming accountable

The main reason is that we are so hard-wired to our existing habits. This means that creating the new ones we need to master those goals, is really hard. As a coach, I see it again and again, but also with friends and family.

But what’s the key to getting around this? Accountability. It has to be.

Accountability means telling other people what you are doing. Sharing your dreams with them and letting them know what you’re committing to has real power. Especially if there is a way of them keeping tabs on your progress.

But the key to accountability is to make sure that you’re telling the right people – the one’s who are your cheerleaders and want you to succeed – they’re your best bet.

Take me, for example…

I wanted to share one wellbeing example from my own life, as goals in this area are very easy to wriggle out of. Old habits are so deeply ingrained.

Recently I had some reflexology sessions. My lovely reflexologist told me my adrenals were firing really high, and they should be calmer. We talked about what else could be contributing to that, besides a high level of work and the usual business/family/rest of life juggle! We deduced that the most likely culprit was coffee. I was drinking at least three very strong cups a day.

So, with dread and sadness (I absolutely LOVE coffee!), I agreed to give it up. Some people suggested I just cut down, but I knew I couldn’t. I knew if I had one, I’d want another. My only choice was cutting it out completely.

Now here we are two months later, and still no coffee. Do I miss it? Yes. Has it been hard? Yes. How did I do it? I told everyone I was doing it! Everyone kept asking me – especially my kids – how it was going.

I am amazed that I managed it, but I’m convinced that sharing my decision with so many people meant that I was so much more committed than if I was doing it alone. When my reflexologist told me how calm my adrenals now were, I was like the cat that got the cream!

From a business perspective, the difference I’ve noticed in my accountability since co-founding We Are Tabono is huge! Anna and I keep each other on track. We say we’re going to do something, and we have to honour that commitment.

But how can you get that level of commitment and accountability if you are working on your own?

Accountability with We Are Tabono

There are many online courses out there that you can buy. You know you should be doing some work on it, but you put it off. The excitement you felt when you signed up has gone. The course sits there doing nothing, and you feel bad about it.

With We Are Tabono it doesn’t work like that. You join our Programme as part of a small group of up to 12 delegates, and accountability runs throughout all stages of the course.

  • There are a lot of live interactions each week, and as we progress through each module you will get continual reminders of what you’ve committed to, along with a safe space to share your progress, or note any challenges along the way.
  • We have the option for you to virtually co-work with other members of your programme. You can also choose to buddy up, should that be an option that suits you.
  • Our staff can also see your progress and will check on you if they see any delays or areas of concern.

In addition to our main programme, we have also launched our first live Co-working and accountability session called Tabono Together. More information on this can be found on our Events page.

The bottom line is that with We Are Tabono you are not alone. Accountability is absolutely necessary, and the Tabono philosophy and programme can provide this in bucketloads! So, if you want to take control and start to see things move and gain momentum in your business, or with the business you want to start, our programme could be the answer you’re looking for.