How important is it to learn something new every day?

Earlier this week, Chloe and I spent the day filming with the first of our Tabono Experts, Jo Keyes of Time to Nourish and Suzy Reading, and the wonderful Michelle Green from Fifty & Fab. All of whom are contributing to our Wellbeing module.

I won’t tell you the specifics of what they shared, as that’s for our course participants eyes and ears only, but what I can say is that it was incredibly inspiring. Chloe and I have chosen our Experts carefully. They are among the best in their fields, but they are also incredibly lovely people. And they all embody the Tabono philosophy in their own personal and professional lives.

But more than that, watching our Experts do their stuff this week reminded me of the importance of learning. And the fact we should all try to learn something new every day. We were filming for something like 4 hours altogether, but I was transfixed throughout. It’s so amazing to watch and listen to people talking about their passions – in this case health and nutrition, and self-care!

We are always learning.

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Leonardo da Vinci

Sources of learning can come from anywhere. The opportunity to learn something new can come from a casual chat. From books or podcasts. From more formal settings like the classroom or the workplace. Or like yesterday, from a filming location!

I’m also a firm believer that we have something to learn from every single other person we come across. My five year old, who was born prematurely, taught me the true importance of a fighting spirit. From my lovely friend Karen, I learned about how two so very different people can really balance each other out and meet in the middle. Chloe, my wonderful co-fo, encourages me to open my eyes to every possibility. From a former boss, I learned how much can be achieved if you work as hard as possible. And from the children I taught in Russia, in the early noughties, I learned the importance of having big dreams.

Do you believe we should be learning something new every day? I do. And realising what the ‘thing’ is each day is something I try to be mindful of. sometimes I realise what I’ve learned after the fact, but other times it can be a conscious choice.

Over to you

I’ve learned a lot this week, particularly from our Experts and the passion and knowledge that they bring to the Tabono Programme. We really are lucky to have so many amazing people in our Expert team.

So over to you! Tell us about your attitude and approach to learning. Have you learned something this week that made you say “wow!”? And what are your longer term learning goals? A qualification perhaps? Or a course that will facilitate a change of direction? Or perhaps something that will allow you to learn more about a subject you already enjoy. We’d love to hear your ideas and plans.

(And don’t forget! If one of those plans is to start your own business, contact us! Let’s chat about how the Tabono programme could help to get you to where you want to be!).