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Why is it important to look after yourself when you’re an entrepreneur? Why is it important to take vital time away from your business when you could be focussing on your clients, your products or services, and that all important profit margin?

There are so many courses out there that teach you to run a business. Some teach you from a theoretical perspective, and others teach you ‘on the job’. Programmes can be as short as a few weeks. Others are much longer. There are free courses. Equally, there are others that are, for many, incredibly expensive.

Nevertheless, all of them hope that by the end, you will be able to hit the ground running with a lovely, shiny new business. And that’s what they are designed to do. Exactly what it says on the tin. They teach you to run a business.

But then, regardless of how successful (or not!) their business becomes, why do so many entrepreneurs start to struggle? Why is it that entrepreneurs are 30% more likely to experience depression than the rest of society? Why is it that 72% of entrepreneurs report mental health concerns?

Creating good habits.

We all know that to look after ourselves, we should eat well. Do exercise. Get enough rest. And so on. But did you know that on average, you need to do something 30 times before it becomes a habit?

Is it any wonder then, that it’s so hard to look after yourself when you’re an entrepreneur? If your mind is full of profit margins and customer retention, how are you supposed to create the habits you need to really look after yourself?

So how do you go about this habit-creation? There is lots of advice out there. Start small. Celebrate your milestones. You can even find things like habit trackers, where you record your progress against whatever you are trying to achieve.

But let’s face it. Creating good habits is hard. Really hard. Especially when, as an entrepreneur, you have so much else going on!

Start at the beginning.

And that’s exactly why our Programme teaches you to be a successful entrepreneur. Not just to start a business.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a journey, and the objective of our first two modules – Vision, Planning and Goals; and Wellbeing – are focussed solely on you. Alongside our Experts in nutrition, self-care and your environment, we provide you with the following:

  • a mechanism for monthly, six-monthly and annual goal-setting and review
  • a focus on Progress instead of Perfection**
  • support and encouragement throughout from both our course leader and your peers
  • the all-important accountability

This initial focus on yourself is vital for your ongoing success. We teach you to look after yourself as an entrepreneur, and put in place the good habits that you will need to continue to do so. And as a result, we give you the real foundations that you need for success as an entrepreneur, upon which you can then build your dream business.

Tabono really is an investment – in you, in your potential and in your dream business coming to life. So why not get in touch so we can talk about your entrepreneurial journey?

** And a quick note on Progress not Perfection – this is another of our core values. Achieving what we perceive as ‘perfection’ all of the time, is impossible. It’s far more important to start, and continue to make progress.