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It’s nearly the end of the month, which means it’s nearly time for April’s Untouchable Day.

Have you heard of them? Ever since I found this article in Harvard Business Review, I’ve taken the concept and made it my own. Now I have an Untouchable Day every month.

Basically, on the last working day of every month, I close my schedule to all-comers. I don’t do any regular work. I don’t answer emails, or pick up the phone. And I try to stay away from work-related social media as much as possible.

Review. Reflect. Reset.

My Untouchable Days are focussed mainly on my bullet journal, and I use it to reflect on what has gone by, and plan out the month to come.

Firstly, I review my objectives and tasks for the previous month. I consider what has gone well, and what hasn’t, and in both cases, why. I also note anything that needs to be carried forward to the coming month.

Then I get my creativity on! Every month in my bullet journal starts with a title page. Usually the design reflects the ‘feeling’ I want to create for the weeks to come. In the case of April, my thoughts were all about Spring – about time outside, growth, and reinvention. The daisies I just enjoyed drawing!

Thirdly, I sent my objectives for the coming month. In the first instance, I choose a single word or phrase to represent whatever I decide to work on in the weeks to come. Then underneath that, I usually have three or four specific tasks that contribute to the word I’ve chosen.

Following that, I head to the shops and buy myself a magazine – Red Magazine usually. Then, I read it (with a cup of tea and the occasional cake-based something), and cut out images or phrases that inspire me.

I then collate these into a mini-vision board, and accompany them with an fresh page, cut out of a colouring book. Again, I link this to my objectives.

(You’re probably wondering about the colouring… I give myself a month to finish the job! Why? Even five minutes here and there makes me more mindful, and the challenge of ‘having’ to finish the colouring by month end forces me to take time out!)

Finally, I come on to my lists – things that can’t be forgotten, any major events, my self-care objectives for that month, as well as my diary of course. Often the latter is already pretty full by this point. But I review my schedule any way. I add in visits to the gym, and make sure I have enough empty space to create flexibility where I need it. That way, I get all of my tasks done as well as fit in all of the inevitable meetings and other events.

So that’s it!

So that really is it – my version of an Untouchable Day! I’m not sure I could fit in one a week as Harvard Business Review implies would be beneficial, but my monthly version is a vital part of ‘me’ now. If I miss it, or even if I hold it a few days late, it makes me really uncomfortable now. Starting a new month without time to review, reflect and reset just doesn’t feel right any more!

Have you ever tried an Untouchable Day? If not, book one in! Then check back here and let us know how you get on! And if a day is just too much to contemplate right now, why not come along to one of our co-working sessions, and have an Untouchable morning? Details of these are on our Events page.