If you’ve been following our socials and website, you’ll have seen a series of announcements introducing you to our Tabono Experts! As you will see from the respective blog posts, they are all expert in their fields.

Why do we have Tabono Experts?

Well, Chloe and Anna’s respective areas of expertise area very complementary. Chloe approaches the programme from a mindset perspective, specialising in goal-setting and confidence. But Anna concentrates on the business side, focussing on business planning and social media.

However, the Tabono programme is an holistic approach to entrepreneurship. Our journey starts with the entrepreneur, and represents an investment in them as individuals. Not just their business.

To develop a truly holistic approach, we needed more expert input, over and above what Chloe and Anna could provide. Gaps, which could not be ignored, included nutrition, image, business finance and PR.

Who are they?

When we developed our programme, we spent a huge amount of time identifying the right experts to fill these gaps.

Chloe and Anna have first-hand experience of working with and learning from all of them. They are able to personally vouch for the depth of their knowledge, but also the type of people they are. Both of these are so important given the role of the Tabono Expert.

How does it work?

Everyone’s journey through the Tabono programme will be different. There will be areas that you are fairly strong in, and areas you’ve touched on before. But there will also be areas where you feel you need some additional support.

Each Expert has selected additional services which they feel would be complementary to the work covered by the Tabono programme. These range from 1:1 coaching sessions and advice, to more practical tools and services. Every participant on our programme will then be able to choose to upgrade their journey to benefit from any of these additional sessions or services.

So, have a look through our 12 modules, and start to consider what your own Tabono journey might look like. If you have any questions, get in touch!