Anna Verghese portrait

Yesterday I read an article about how entrepreneurship changes your life for the better. And it made me reflect on my own journey as an entrepreneur. As I write this at the end of May 2019, I’ve been an entrepreneur for just over two years – all of which as a sole trader, and for the last six months as Co-Founder of We Are Tabono Ltd.

And has entrepreneurship changed my life for the better? Absolutely!


My first taste of self-employment came when I trained as a social media manager following maternity leave. I had returned to my employer on a part-time basis, but trained in social media as something of a side hustle for financial reasons.

But working three days a week in a corporate role and then in the evenings on my social media contracts just wasn’t working for me. I knew by then that to be the mother I wanted to be, I needed complete flexibility.

So I realised that I could combine my skills in business planning and innovation with social media. So I resigned from my role and set up my first business, Isanda Consulting. Now two years’ later, Chloe and I also have We Are Tabono, and a mission to make others’ dreams of entrepreneurship come true.

So how does entrepreneurship change your life?

1. It gives you almost complete flexibility

This was a huge driver for me, and it’s absolutely true. Being your own boss means you can work how you want, where you want, and when you want. I only say ‘almost’ because sometimes emergencies do happen and you have to act on something straight away!

2. It allows you to be as creative as you wish

When you work for yourself you can set your own rules. No idea is too outlandish to consider. You can dream. Create a culture of innovation. You can think and (when appropriate!) act outside of the box.

3. You are 100% accountable

Becoming an entrepreneur is probably the first time in your professional life that you have been 100% accountable. Not just for your own actions, but for the survival, and hopefully growth of your business. With great power comes great responsibility indeed!

4. You can realise your potential

Again, I think this was a huge one for me. Instead of being constrained by a job description, or the direction and strategy of someone else’s organisation, you can set your own path. It may be terrifying in many ways, but this is a positive thing. It’s an opportunity for you, and your potential, to soar!

So what about you? Do you believe that entrepreneurship changes your life? We’d love to hear your take on it!