children walking along a path

Every parent wants to see their child start out on the path to success. This week I watched my daughter at her graduation. But before you get visions of degree ceremonies and caps and gowns, I just want to clarify – she’s five. It was her graduation from Early Years. But she did have a very fancy ‘mortar board’ to wear, complete with blue glitter and ribbons!

And that got me thinking about my own journey. My own path to success.

My first degree was in French and Russian, and as part of that, I spent a year living in Redon, Brittany; and St Petersburg in Russia, teaching English as a Foreign Language. The plan was that this would take me down the path of interpreting, or translation for an organisation like the UN, or GCHQ. But confidence, or a lack of it, and Verbs of Motion, got the better of me.

Instead, I found myself heading down a broader education-related path. I worked in a children’s education company and a funding organisation. Then some time at a professional body took me into the Higher Education sector, where I stayed for around 10 years. I even completed a Masters degree while working.

Then maternity leave and the need for flexible working happened, and a little re-training on social media, and now here I am.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason. Everything in my life has led me to the point that I’m at today. I’m on my own, unique, path to success.

Where are you going next?

But what about what happens after today? What leads you to where you’re going? And how do you know where to start?

In the first part of my career, I always took the ‘next logical step’. Taking opportunities that made sense, as they came up. But now I appreciate the value of developing a clear vision. And of goal-setting.

This gives you a point to focus on, and when you break that long-term vision and goals into smaller chunks, it makes them more manageable, and crucially, more achievable. It enables you to focus on making progress, rather than chasing after perfection, and in doing so, keeps you focussed on that long term vision.

The Tabono path.

The very first module of the Tabono programme is focussed on exactly this. It allows you the time and headspace to identify and capture your vision, and to put in place the goals, and the planning and review mechanisms that you will need to keep your focus and move forward down your chosen path.

And what if that path is carrying you towards running your own business? Well, our programme is designed to provide you with the foundations and knowledge you need to be confident in taking those first steps. And to help you put in place the good habits and practices that you need to keep moving forward, regardless of what obstacles, crossroads and diversions come your way.

So as a first step on that path, schedule a call with us to discuss how it all works, and how the Tabono programme can help you move forward with your business ideas.

But don’t forget, focus on making progress, rather than chasing perfection. And enjoy the path to success that you choose to take, whichever route that may be.