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It’s true. Regardless of how they may be perceived, Bullet Journals and Vision Boards are not just for women.

We’re aware that we talk a lot about both of these tools at Tabono HQ, and we wanted to clarify. They are really not just for women, and we wanted to explain why.

What are Bullet Journals and Vision Boards?

But before we explain why, for those of you who don’t know, what are bullet journals and vision boards?

Essentially, a Bullet Journal is an analogue system to record everything you want it to. It can house your diary, to-do lists, notes, projects, reading lists, birthday lists, party plans, packing lists, thoughts, feelings, gratitude… Basically whatever you want.  It allows you to get much more organised and not lose things as you would if they were scattered across different styles of planners, notebooks and of course, your various devices!

A Vision Board is a strong, visual tool to help you keep your goals and future aims at the forefront of your mind. You spend time sourcing images (this can include photographs) and identifying words or phrases that inspire you and that encapsulate that future vision. Then you put them all together and create a board that you can look at every day. If those images really inspire you and help you to remember your why, then you have a powerful tool. Couple it with a strong goal setting and action taking process, and you will really reap the rewards.

It’s all about the creativity.

At We Are Tabono we are big believers in both systems. We often mention them in our blog posts as well as our 12 month programme, and also run regular workshops. Often, these workshops attract more women than men, as the tools in question are seen as more creative, and therefore more feminine.

But why should this be so? Firstly, they don’t have to be creative. That’s just personal choice. But secondly, who benefits most from participating in the creative process should not be limited by gender.

Creativity is something that actually helps us thrive. As children, we are all creative, in different ways. It is encouraged and forms a core part of our development. But as we grow, we are almost trained out of our creativity and taught to funnel that energy into some other direction, such as towards a career or just being a responsible adult.

However, creativity can help unlock our flow, remove distractions, help our creative thinking and support problem solving. So why not introduce some creativity to enhance your business and life?

It’s worth noting aswell that Bullet Journals were actually created by a man, Ryder Carroll. He had an idea for a paper based system that would capture everything he needed to record without losing things. Sometimes people think Bullet Journals aren’t for men because they have evolved into a very creative practise. However, it doesn’t have to be a creative practise, and that was not Carroll’s intention when he created the Bullet Journal. He just wanted a simple, black and white system with an index to help him keep track of everything he needed to do, remember, write down, list etc. Here’s his five minute explanatory video:

Time to take a risk?

Creativity pushes us to take risks, which can open new doors.

Brian Solis, Life Scale.

In our businesses, there are things that can stop us taking risks. Mainly our fears and lack of confidence. So why not introduce things that can help push those boundaries and put ourselves out there to discover just how much we can achieve.

Developing a vision boards can help you to do just that. We firmly believe anyone running their own business needs to know where it is going in the future. We can do plenty of writing – business plans, goals, generally working over what we want. But when we look at images they tap into our subconscious at a different level, talking straight to our emotions. The power of a vision board can be harnessed by men just as it can by women. Both genders will truly benefit from this powerful tool, when used in conjunction with their regular goal setting and, importantly, action taking systems.

Be mindful.

We also all need, but often neglect to include, a mindful outlet in our life. Spending time creating a vision board or keeping a bullet journal really does allow us to spend a bit of time focusing on that task alone. It is invaluable for our wellbeing to take that time out, to be present in the moment and let go of our constant stream of thoughts and worries. Again, that’s not something that should be exclusive to women. It’s beneficial to, and necessary for us all.

Sometimes it does us the world of good to get out of our box and try something different. If the idea of stepping outside of your day to day appeals, and you would like to try something different, head over to our Events page to find out more about our workshops. Bullet journals are vision boards really are not just for women.