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The people we spend time with are a big deal. We’ve blogged about this before, and about how being an entrepreneur can be a long and lonely game. When we decide to pursue our own enterprise, we need to do so, knowing that we have a business support team. We need to know that we are supported and surrounded by people who can lift us up and have our back. 

But that business support team is actually made up of different ‘player’s. All of whom are equally important to our long term success.

We need the right friends and a supportive family. Virtual team members who could help with tasks we either can’t or don’t want to do ourselves. We need to connect with other business owners, so we can build those relationships and spread the word about what we are doing. Sometimes it’s just about working next to someone, to relieve the loneliness and make us more productive.

Choosing your own business support team.

But what if we told you that by being a bit choosy about who you spend your time with, and taking the time to create your ideal business support team, you raise your chances of success?

Striving to build something brilliant is human nature. We work hard towards those big shiny goals we have set ourselves. It takes grit, determination and resilience to keep going and overcome the obstacles that inevitably get in our way.

We can often be blindsided by a confidence crisis or bad case of imposter syndrome, where we feel paralysed and unable to take the action we know would help us create some momentum and progress.

So how can these run of the mill problems be influenced by the people around us?

Positive Encouragement – Friends and Support Network

Let’s start with the friends, family and general support network. You want to be able to share the ups and downs with these people in your life. But what you really need is for them to be of a more positive, glass half full nature. So when you’re feeling low, or challenged, and perhaps even like you’ve failed or want to give up, those are the ones who will remind you of your successes and urge you on to give it another go. Beware of the friends who agree that this journey really is a bit too tough, and perhaps you should think about getting a “normal job” and saving yourself some trouble. Choose cheerleaders, positive thinkers and those that will encourage you, no matter what.


Finding people with skills and experience relevant to your business is a huge plus. Someone who has been there and done that and created a successful business, and who also has the time and willingness to share their journey and advise you on yours is a huge boost to morale, commitment and likely success.

Social Media Influence.

Use this wisely – Fast Company recently shared an interesting article on this very topic, and what it’s like to be a female founder in the Instagram Era. Find those people you admire, look up to and who set a great example. If anyone makes you feel bad, or likely to compare yourself in a negative light, unfollow them. You don’t need that when it’s already a challenging space to be in. Think about motivational speakers or entrepreneurs who when they talk, it’s like they’re talking right to you and they make you feel invincible. 

People Further Ahead Than You.

As well as looking out for a mentor or two, you might decide to go networking (scary for many, but worthwhile to find the right people for you) or perhaps co-working. Pay close attention when you seek out these types of support networks to the collective energy in the room. Are they go-getters? Do they have ambition? Will they strive for greatness for themselves, and therefore encourage and motivate you to elevate your dreams and charge towards your goals with enthusiasm? Or is the event purely an opportunity to hand out more business cards?

Positive Educators

This might come in the form of books, podcasts, attending seminars or just learning from those around you. Spend as much time as you can listing to people who are enthused by what they do. You will literally absorb their energy. That’s why hanging out with negative characters can absolutely affect your productivity, your positive outlook and your chances of success. 

Our biggest piece of advice? Take some time to work out the ideal players in your business support team. Work out who inspires and motivates you. Who lifts you up and makes you feel like a champion. Who believes in you and desperately wants you to succeed. They are your tribe.