Chloe Leibowitz coaching

If you follow our community and our social media channels, you’ll know that we’re giving away a choice of either a social media audit or a 1:1 coaching session in a prize draw. Anyone who joins our community between now and 22nd September 2019 will be entered!

Last week, we introduced you to one of the prizes – a social media audit – and now we want to dig a little deeper into coaching.

What does coaching involve?

Have you ever worked with a Coach before? Maybe you’ve thought about it but never quite got round to doing anything more? 

Coaching is all about focusing on the future and how you want things to unfold. It is a conversation that allows you to think in a different way, coming up with goals and strategies to move things forward – both for you and your business.

The beauty of coaching is that no-one is telling you what to do. You are in control and you set your own goals. The timelines are your decision, and you choose what you want to be held accountable for.

What would you do with a 1 hour session?

Through our competition this month you can either with a social media audit with Anna, or an hour coaching session with Chloe. So, if you choose a coaching session, what will you do with it?

Well, having a 1:1 coaching session is fantastic for gaining clarity and perspective. We tend to get so caught up in the day to day running of our businesses, that we can forget where exactly we were wanting to go. We say yes to too many things, we spend time on things that do not take us any closer to that ultimate goal.

In this hour we will focus on where you are going, what your reality currently looks like, and what you want to do to streamline things in your life and your business. Often, we find that due to the unending focus on your business, your wellbeing is suffering and you are making little to no time to look after yourself.

You will finish your coaching session with a clear action plan to help you move forward with decisive action.

So whichever of our two prizes catches your eye, all you need to do is join our membership community before 11.59pm on 22nd September!