2019 bullet journal page

It’s no secret that we are big fans, but why should YOU start a bullet journal?

I am so glad I finally made time to try a Bullet Journal Workshop. Not only has it given me a new way to organise my life and business – it was also such a therapeutic way to spend a morning. I highly recommend these sessions and am looking forward to keeping my journal going to see how it evolves.


Not convinced?

Here are the five reasons why starting a bullet journal might just be the very thing you didn’t know you needed!

1. Set Your Goals.

Setting goals is a sure fire way to know where we are headed and what our next steps should be. The trouble is that some people stop when the goals are set, before they actually take the action to see some progress. By using a Bullet Journal, you can keep all of this goal setting and action-taking in one place.

2. Improve Your Health.

Keeping habit trackers is very popular with Bullet Journaling. Setting new habits in place – especially health related ones – can be very tough. We all know that feeling of having the best intentions, then realising after a few weeks that those intentions got forgotten after a few days! There are endless possibilities for using habit trackers, eg. tracking regular exercise, planning your meals, tracking sleep, drinking more water. The possibilities are endless.

3. Get Really Organised

Do you forget things? Write lists on scraps of paper and then lose them? What about writing things down in a notebook then forgetting either where it is in the notebook, or where the notebook is?

Finding an organisation system that works for you is a bit trial and error when it comes to Bullet journaling, but the difference when you find it is huge. People have all sorts of layouts and systems to organise all the different areas of our lives. But with bullet journalling, all those systems are in one book!

4. You can make it what you want it to be.

This is sort of the best bit for us, and such a great reason to start a bullet journal. People don’t like to be told how to organise themselves. We like to work it out our own way, and therefore planners and systems that are prescriptive really don’t work. Buying a diary or planner that has columns and boxes for different things in your life is all well and good. But what’s the point, if half those spaces aren’t relevant for you and therefore you have less space to use for what you really want to record?

With a Bullet Journal there is no right or wrong. You don’t have to use it as a diary if you don’t want to. Habit trackers aren’t for everyone. If you want, you can do actual thought-journaling – but not if you don’t! You can have a very black and white, factual system like Ryder Carroll’s original journal. But by the same token, you can make it extremely creative. Do you see where we’re going with this? No rules. No should or have to. Just the opportunity to create exactly what you want.

5. Be productive but mindful.

Sound too good to be true? Many people will think of meditation or breathing exercises when it comes to mindfulness, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Having some element of mindfulness in our lives, ideally daily, is extremely important. Especially when, as busy entrepreneurs, we are juggling so many things at once.

What Anna and I, and many others besides, have discovered with Bullet Journaling, is that whilst it allows us to be hugely productive and organised, we also get absolutely absorbed by our journals. And that’s the point where it becomes a brilliant, mindful activity. 

So? Is it time to start your own bullet journal?

Is this appeals to you, or even if you’re curious to try something new and find out more, then perhaps it’s time to start a Bullet Journal yourself?

We run regular workshops on bullet journaling, so why not join us at one of our next events?