new year fireworks celebrating

How do you spend time celebrating success in your business? Do you have a formal review process? Or a ‘win of the week’? Or do you take more of an ad hoc approach? Everyone is different, and this rather uplifting read from shows exactly that.

The key though, is that we do actually celebrate our wins – both big and small. Why? Because it gives us both a positivity boost, and strong foundations upon which to build.

Last week, Chloe and I practised exactly what we preach, and sat down to review our 2019, and complete our top-level planning for 2020! And part of that was identifying our successes – and then celebrating them with a VERY delicious afternoon tea!

So in this second to last blog post of the year, we thought we’d share three of our business wins from 2019!

1. Filming frenzy!

Saying that 2019 has been a filming frenzy at Tabono HQ is no exaggeration! Supported by the amazing Holden Media Pro – both technically, and with Marissa’s expert guidance (and patience!) we have filmed more than 75 videos for use in our programme. This was a huge achievement in both content and quantity, but also because it took our co-Founder, Anna, way outside of her comfort zone!

2. Challenging ourselves

Running and growing a business is most certainly a roller-coaster. There’s no denying that, and one of our wins actually has to be the things we’ve struggled with, or the challenges we’ve faced. Why? Because we’ve overcome them. Entrepreneurship is never going to be easy – it’s how you confront, and then deal with these challenges that makes the difference. Even when things go wrong, they can be turned into positives and opportunities to learn. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We learn, we build, and we grow.

3. A real community

The third thing that we’re really proud of this year is our community. Not just the things that we’ve created to support our community, but the members of the community themselves. Tabono exists to help small business owners work towards, and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, and one of our biggest wins is seeing them do exactly that. Whether it be gaining the confidence to do a live video on Facebook; learning a new technique or tool; or being nominated for an award – when we see our members achieve these things, it makes our job completely worthwhile.

So what about you? Why not share your wins with us in the comments or on our social media? You can also share how you’re celebrating success in your business!

Or if the whole review, reflect and celebrate process is new for you, why not join us for our You and Your Business workshop in January? We’ll going through this whole process with our participants, and using what we learn to make sure we’re set up for an AMAZING 2020!