Since 2005, a particular Monday in January (usually the third Monday of the month) has been labelled Blue Monday, and noted as the most depressing day of the year.

Why? Well it seems to be mainly to do with the harsh and gloomy weather at this time of year. Plus the come down from the high of Christmas and New Year. Not to mention too much money spent and not enough to get through the rest of the month.

So we have two choices here:

  1. Wallow in the misery of Blue Monday and feel sorry for ourselves, or…
  2. Do something to kick Blue Monday to the curb and feel better!

What would you choose? We know what we want. So here are some ideas to get you thinking about how Blue Monday could actually be Brilliant Monday, and really turn things around.

Practise gratitude

Yes, it might be a slightly rubbish, never ending month! But instead of focusing on the negatives, how about making a big list of everything you have to be grateful for? It can’t fail to lift your spirits and make you feel lucky.

Make plans

Having things to look forward to, whether it’s a winter break, summer holiday, or spa day, indulging yourself and having something to look forward to is definitely mood enhancing.


A bit like practicing gratitude, giving your time to a good cause and helping those in need is a perfect way to put things in perspective. It also makes you feel really really good to be doing your bit and giving back.

Take action

Get productive!! Do you have a long list of things to get through? Do you procrastinate and put things off? What’s the thing you really want to do, but it’s out of your comfort zone and just so scary? Our advice – do it!! Take action, seize the moment, pick up the phone, send the email, just do it!! YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING!! 

Get control of finances

If one thing getting you down this month is the lack of control on your finances, maybe an outstanding tax return, or bills you don’t want to look at. Force yourself to get a grip on where everything’s at, and what you need to do going forward to pull it back in line. The fear in your head will be greater than the reality. Knowing where everything really sits helps a lot.

Lean on your support network

Whoever it is you surround yourself with in life and in business, lean on them. Set aside time to talk on the phone, or meet in person for a feel good boost. If you work alone, then co-work, the company will do you good and keep you accountable. 

Declutter your environment

After Christmas is a fantastic time to declutter! All the decorations are down, it could do with a dust, and often you’ve accumulated new stuff! So why not have a clear out. Donate to charity, have a box of things to re-gift, and make the areas you spend your time in conducive to feeling good and calm.

Look after your wellbeing

Be kind to yourself and create moments that are just for you. Whether that means allowing yourself 10 minutes to get out in the fresh air, or buying yourself a bunch of tulips at the shops, so little things for yourself that make you feel loved and looked after. 


It’s a fact that exercising makes you feel good. A fact. You move your body, the endorphins start whizzing around and leave you in a happier state than you were before. 

Keep an eye on your goals

We often start the year on a high. Energised, excited about the plans we have going forward. We can stagnate a little, and feel less enthused as the month goes on if we fail to take any action. So re-visit those goals and work out what the next steps are for you. Decide what you are working on and when you will do tasks. Taking action creates momentum which means progress. Progress feels good. 

So how are you feeling now about Blue Monday? Did anything jump out at you as a great idea? We’re off to book ourselves something to look forward to!! And if you need a little more inspiration, why not check out our short courses?