blue organiser

Running a business can be a real challenge, and keeping up with everything can feel like a never-ending sprint! And then when you add family and other personal commitments into the mix, it can sometimes feel impossible! So how do you get organised? How do you make sure those plates don’t start to wobble? And crucially, how do you stop tasks from being overlooked?

Everyone works in different ways. So as a result, there is no hard and fast way to get organised that is guaranteed to work for everyone. The key is finding the tools, techniques and routines that suit you.

At Tabono HQ, both Chloe and I are lucky to have done exactly this, and as a result, we run a pretty organised ship! So in this blog, I wanted to share three of my personal techniques that ensure that I can get organised, and stay organised!

Family first

Yes, I co-run a business, but first and foremost, I’m a wife and mum. And that comes first. Making sure our family unit can function in the best way possible is my priority. And a big part of this is our magnetic, bigger than A4-sized, weekly planner that lives right on the fridge door!

We all have our own market colour, so it’s easy to see who’s doing what and when. Our meal planner goes on there. There’s even space for next week’s shopping list! And best of all, it’s right at the heart of our home where everyone can see it.

Then once I know my family is organised for the week, everyone and everything else can fit in around that.

Untouchable Days

I first heard about Untouchable Days from reading this article in Harvard Business Review, and I’ve also explored it on this blog before. But they really are a fundamental part of my approach to organisation. I suppose you could say they are an opportunity to organise my mind!

But how does it work? Basically, I give myself a day off from day to day work! There are no emails. No business as usual. Instead, I review, set goals, and plan how I’m going to deliver them! I look at the coming month as a whole, and work out what’s happening and when. For example, I will do an outline of the month’s social media posts. I consider deadlines, and what still needs to be done to make sure I can achieve them.

Why? Because it gives me a structure for the weeks to come. It makes sure I know what’s happening, what I need to do and by when, and crucially, where I have free time. And if the latter is looking a little light, I make sure I schedule some it. Meetings and events and networking is great – but we still need to make sure we have time to get our actual work done.

Bullet Journal

My Bullet Journal is an extension of my Untouchable Days. It’s a way of capturing all of my thoughts, my goals, my plans and my schedule. The creative aspects of it – particularly my self-imposed requirement for completing a colouring page by the end of each month – ensure that I also take time out. Something that’s crucial when you have a crazy schedule!

So what are your top tips for staying organised? We’d love you to share them in the comments so that we can all learn from each other.

And if organisation is something you struggle with, why not check out our Vision, Planning and Goals module? It could be the boost you need to get back on track!