Anna Verghese (left) and Chloe Leibowitz (right)

At Tabono HQ we are always looking for new ways to support small business owners. So today we are excited to launch our latest initiative – bespoke support to help you to grow your business!

Actually, we tell a lie… it’s 2-to-1 support!

You see, that’s the difference between us and all of the other coaches, mentors and teachers out there. Most people offer 1-to-1 support. With us it’s 2-to-1!

But what does this actually mean?

The power of two

When you work with an individual mentor or business coach, you receive a huge amount of input (assuming of course that you’ve chosen the right person). But the downside is that you receive that input from a single person. That means one person’s experience. One viewpoint. One approach.

That person will have their strengths. Absolutely. But they will only have their strengths. And their weaknesses.

With Tabono, you get the power of two. Two sets of experience. Two viewpoints. Two sets of different, but highly complementary strengths. Chloe brings a wealth of experience in life coaching – particularly relating to confidence, productivity and organisation. And Anna brings a huge amount of business-focussed expertise, ranging from strategy and planning to social media.

In choosing to work with Chloe and Anna, you also gain double the passion and commitment to making your business a success.

How does it work?

We already provide a huge amount of support to our clients through our community, our events and through our courses. As of today, we will also now be offering business owners the chance to work with us on a 2-to-1 basis, thus bringing our approach and our support to your business in a truly bespoke, highly personalised way.

Clients can work with us for a one-off, 90 minute session, if they need input on a specific challenge. For example, if you want to learn techniques to become more organised and productive; or to have some bespoke guidance on your business plan. You can then choose to follow up as and when you feel appropriate.

But equally, you can also choose to work with us over a year, meeting with us regularly for one, two or three hours each month. Having a longer term relationship with us means that we can provide so much more. We can work with you on your longer term, strategic goals, as well as your more ‘tactical’ challenges. We can be your accountability partner. Your critical friend and your guide. We can help you to create lasting, positive change in your habits and working practices.

Want to get started?

Working with Anna & Chloe has been invaluable to me. The mentor programme has helped me to focus and to set goals that I have never thought about or considered before.

Katie Topping, Spirit & Gace Style

If you would like to find out more about how our 2-to-1, bespoke support to help you grow your business, get in touch! We start with an initial, 30 minute conversation so that we can discuss both how we might best work together, and what topics you feel that you would like to cover, and go from there!

(*And community members, of course, get 10% off!)