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There’s no denying that we’re living in a whole new world right now. Uncharted territory. New ways of doing business. But the strength and resilience that people are showing is truly inspiring. We are adapting to this new, and very different environment. We are all fighting to ensure our survival in a changing world. And we should be proud of ourselves for that.

Here at Tabono, we are focussed, like everyone in the small business community, on getting through the impact of Coronavirus. On our survival in this rapidly changing world. So there have been a lot of changes, but in many ways, things still feel the same. We are running even more events than before, but all of them online. Our 1-to-1 support continues as it always has, and we’ve even Zoom-ed with a small business owner in Australia! In terms of our course delivery, that is very much ‘business as usual’, and we’ll even be bringing new options to our portfolio in the coming weeks!

It has also been great to see how the small businesses that we work with are evolving and surviving in this changing world of ours! Here are a few examples:

Holden Media Productions

Marissa Holden from Holden Media Productions is a videographer, and also responsible for all of the videos in our course portfolio! She also offers training workshops at her home. However, under current rules, she can do neither. So instead, she is offering a number of new services:

  • to edit and repurpose footage that either I or clients have taken.
  • online video training courses to enable others to stay visible and market themselves.
  • animated text videos to keep companies visible.
  • 1-2-1 Coaching and advice on using smartphones to film and market yourself.

Tropic Skincare

Adi Stephen is a Manager with Tropic Skincare. Not only does she run her own business looking after my customers, but she also looks after a team of 50 Tropic Ambassadors. They generally run their businesses by holding ‘pampers’ and also lending out ‘borrow boxes’ as our products are best tested when people can smell, touch and feel them. So over the past 10 days, she has been working with her team (a lot of them who are now without their other income), teaching them how to use social media (lives, videos and other interaction), to help them to grow their Tropic business and keep up with normal sales.

Spirit & Grace

Katie Topping is the owner of Spirit & Grace, which she normally runs through ‘pop-up’ sales at corporate events, Health Clubs, fundraisers & fairs, plus an e-Commerce website. All events have currently been cancelled, and Katie’s focus is now on continuing to grow her brand and more importantly, how to be as helpful as she can. Therefore, she will be focussing on two things going forward – style tips and inspiration, and gifting. The former will focus on blogs and style tips and advice, and from the gifting perspective, family and friend connections need to be stronger now than ever. Her service means that loved ones can continue to receive high-quality gifts.

So what about you? How are you managing to adapt your business to meet the needs of this new, and very different world? We would love to hear about how your business model has evolved, and if you’re not managing to trade in the normal way, how are you managing to keep your business in the minds of your customers?

If you’re struggling, we’d love to chat to you about how we can help, whether that be through our 1-to-1 support, our courses, or our community. Or if you’re not sure what kind of support you need, just get in touch – we’d love to get to know you and your business better.