We are absolutely delighted and honoured to be sharing this letter to a small business owner, written by one of our community members, Clare from Clare Cogan – Creating Calm. Thank you so much Clare!

So why not take a little time to read – and then let us know how this resonates with you. It certainly did with us!


Clare Coga

Hey fellow small business owner,

I write this letter to you in unprecedented times. The past few months have been tough for all, in expected and unexpected ways. No-one’s experience has been exactly the same, but we are all in this situation together.

It’s unique and challenging to not know how the story might unfold.

I, like you I am the proud owner of a small business, built up through my passion, drive and hard work. You will know that setting up and running a small business is not easy, it take tenacity, strength and a belief that you want to do this, even when you feel you can’t take another step forward.

So, imagine now you are running your business with your hands tied behind your back and blindfolded? That is how it feels to me right now.

You are still that amazing business owner who has their passion and love, but we are having to have more trust and faith in ourselves and our business future more than ever right now.  Society is changing rapidly, and what people wanted and needed 3 months ago, will not be what they want and need going forward.

You are absorbing all that information, learning and empathy from others, but it feels hard to know what to do or how to do it.

I hear you lovely people, I know it’s tough to keep the faith right now and even imagine what might happen over the coming weeks and months.

It is so easy to feel fearful, doubt our abilities, feel scared of the future and what it holds. I am sure, like me you have cried tears about what it all means, had those moments like that Mexican wave, of tumbling doubt and worry and then of elation and positivity. Emotions move like the tide and it is so normal to feel them in extremes.

I want to remind you of that little spark inside you which gives you that little bit of momentum, even if it is small, even when you don’t feel like showing up, or keeping going. That fire is still there, you know what it is, it’s why you started your business in the first place, why you show up every day even when you don’t quite know what the day holds.

Our businesses may not be running in the ‘normal’ way right now, it might not feel like there is a business for you to run. But your business does not exist in the external world, it exists inside you. It is that passion, that drive and that commitment against all odds which will see you thrive again. More resilient, maybe a little battered but with a strong sense of self and why you truly want to do this.

And remember, fellow business owners, we’ve all got each other’s backs. You are not alone, even if your journey is different to someone else’s, we are united by our drive to keep those flames alive, and together we are truly stronger.

Love Clare x