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Did you know that the majority of British adults would like to start their own business? If you’re one of them, perhaps you’re lucky in that you already know what your dream business is. But if you don’t, don’t worry! The business idea itself doesn’t necessarily have to come first. Sometimes, people are attracted to the lifestyle of an entrepreneur in the first instance, rather than a particular business idea. For examplle, the flexibility that owning your own business brings and the satisfaction that comes from creating something that’s totally ‘yours’. So if you haven’t found the perfect thing yet, we’re here to help! Here are 25 business ideas to start from home:

1. Freelancer

Whether you’re a designer or a web developer, many small companies consider outsourcing to freelancers as a great way to obtain the skills they need, rather than offering permanent employment.

2. Social Media Manager

A very popular option as the power of social media continues to grow and one that can be super-flexible!

3. Photographer

Whether your interest lies in people or landscapes, if you have a passion for photography, why not turn it into a business?

4. Videographer

Business owners know all to well that good video is becoming increasingly important, so skills here would be in demand!

5. Cake Maker

Who doesn’t love cake? Birthdays… weddings… anniversaries… just because?

6. Artist/Designer

If you have a talent for art of design, why not share your creations with others?

7. Calligrapher

Beautiful lettering is appreciated by everyone, so if you’re calligraphy is your creative outlet, give it a go… or teach others to do it themselves!

8. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are a god-send to so many small businesses. Who doesn’t want someone to make their lives easier?

9. Accountant

This one requires actual qualifications, but if you have them, use them and create your own practice!

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10. Tailor/Seamstress

Whether you produce your own clothing, or repair/alter existing garments, people will always need someone with skills in this area.

11. Personal Trainer/Sports Instructor

From martial arts and dancing, to cycling and weight training, if you have the knowledge, and a passion for exercise, this is a great one for you.

12. Therapist

Do you love helping people? Whether it be making someone look and feel better, or supporting someone through a difficiult phase in their lives, you could really make a difference.

13. Proofreader

This one is perfect if you have an eye for detail and you enjoy reading and learning about new things.

14. Blogger

A competitive market, but great if you love to write and share your thoughts and experiences. If you have a story to tell, why not build an audience and share it with them?

15. Crafter

If you love to make things, why not share your makes with others? People are always interested in beautifully made, unique items.

16. Tutor/Teacher

If you have a passion for sharing knowledge, then become a tutor! Whether it be supporting students as they build up to their exams or teaching a skill to others, there are always many people who love to learn!

17. Translator

Do you speak another language? If so, your skills will always be valuable in an incredibly connected world.

18. Online retailer

From fashion to craft materials, people love to buy online (even more so due to the recent pandemic!)

19. Writer/Copywriter

Many people struggle to write well for a variety of reasons. So if you can do it for them, your skills will be a very valuable asset.

20. Coach

Whether your interests lie in supporting people as a life, business, health or even image, coaching is a very popular choice right now!

21. Consultant/Expert

Do you have specialist knowledge on a particular subject that will benefit others? Then consultancy is a great way to share your skills and experience with those in need.

22. Transcription

If you’ve got great hearing (and being able to touch type at speed also helps!), then converting audio and video files to the written word is a useful service to offer.

23. Rent out property

This can be as simple as renting out an ununsed garage or parking space, or offering a room or even a whole property for bed and breakfast/AirBnB.

24. Upcycling

If you have the skills to turn old things into new, then you have the opportunity to create both unique items that people will love, and do so in a very environmentally-friendly way.

25. Childcare

Do you have a passion for children? Then why not look after other people’s children while they’re at work?

So there you are! 25 business ideas to start from home. Which one catches your eye the most? And don’t forget, if you’re an aspiring female business owner, we’re here to help – so if you need some support, get in touch! You can also read more about self-employment in our Definitive Guide to Starting a Small Business.