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There are a plethora of business tips out there. You just need to Google it! It’s easy to find a huge number of articles outlining how to do this and when to do that. So much so that it can seem overwhelming! But given that there is so much information from so many sources, out there, how do you know which tips are the best? How do you know who you should listen to?

Well, at Tabono, we can’t guarantee you the right answer. Or promise that any business tips we share, will provide you with a fail-safe solution that will make your business an overnight success. But what we can do is share experiences, and we see that as a really important part of our job. Why? Because oOne of the most important things we can do as small business owners is to learn from each other.

So to do this, we thought we would ask our community of female small business owners about their top business tips. And here are some of the results!

Emma Scott, Pink Spaghetti (Windsor, Slough & Maidenhead)

“It may take longer than you expect to make a profit so have some reserves such as savings/support from a partner to see you through financially for twice as many months as you think you will need. Things can be uncertain at the best of times even when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic. Some people do thrive on the pressure but most people don’t really want to have that sort of stress.”

“Accept that even with the best will in the world you are not always going to make the right choices and will make some if not plenty mistakes along the way but so long as you learn from them it’s ok.”

Karen Rosser, Inspire My Soul

“Find your tribe. It is so important to have a supportive virtual team around you.”

Claire Fryer, One to Three Marketing Solutions

“Network!!!! Utterly invaluable to me when setting up and now 10 years down the line!”

Sally Todd, Sally Todd VA

“Include a decent budget for marketing and advertising! I cannot tell you how many times I have come across new businesses who have invested all their money in setting the business up, branding, logos, stock, systems, processes, suppliers, services, office space, retail space etc and then have no money to actually do any marketing. No-one is going to know about your business if you do not invest in marketing activities, be it with your own time doing it yourself or paying someone else to help you and having marketing materials produced.”

Clare Cogan, Clare Cogan – Creating Calm

“Tenacity! It can be an emotional rollercoaster at times and personal development is as important as business training and development when running a business.”

Carole Waterman, Princess Fifi Fashion

“Time management – don’t underestimate how much time you need for yourself / family stuff and set realistic goals.”

If you’re considering starting a business, we hope that these tips are helpful for you. And if you’re already self-employed, we hope they remind you that you’re not alone on this journey as a business owner! But what about you? What are your biggest business tips?