Anna Verghese and Chloe Leibowitz

“Are you a networking group?”… We get asked that a lot. So what actually is a networking group? Well, the Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “the activity of meeting people who might be useful to know, especially in your job”.

But while we do have a monthly networking event, the answer in our case, is definitely no. We don’t have any of those uncomfortable ‘stand up and introduce yourself for 30 seconds’ moments and definitely no awkward alarms going off when your time is up. There’s no pressure at any of our events, networking-focussed or otherwise.

But if Tabono is not a networking group, what are we?

A community, a team or a tribe

Well, first and foremost we’re a community. Or to quote the Cambridge Dictionary once again, “People who are considered as a unit because of their common interests.” One could say that this ‘common interest’ is that all of our members are female business owners, and that’s absolutely true. But with us, it’s so much more than a common desire to grow our businesses. It’s a desire to help the rest of the community grow theirs, too!

But what do I mean by that? Well, there’s no denying that our members work incredibly hard on their own businesses, but our members are also committed to supporting every other member of our community. If someone asks a question or needs an introduction, a raft of responses and offers of help are rapidly provided. Maybe you’ve had a bad day or are struggling with a crisis of confidence – you can guarantee that people will be waiting to pick you up again. And it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in and whether one member is ‘in competition’ with another. Everyone is acknowledged for their unique skillset, and everyone’s wins are celebrated.

So whether you want to call us a community, a team or a tribe, we are, quite simply, there for each other.

A unique support system

As well as being a community for female small business owners, Tabono represents a unique support system. But again, what does this actually mean?

Anna and Chloe know from experience, how challenging it can be to run a business on your own. You have massive highs, but equally crushing lows. It’s so hard to know where to go, and who to ask, when you have questions. And sometimes it’s downright lonely. So since its inception, we wanted Tabono to represent an holistic approach to entrepreneurship, where we look after both you and your business.

But why is this? Because a successful business, and its owner, go hand in hand. If one doesn’t look after oneself as a business owner, then both business, and owner, will eventually pay the price, as evidenced by the high level of entrepreneurial burnout. And this ethos runs through everything we do. We look after your business. AND we look after you.

More than just a networking group

Tabono really is so much for than a networking group. At our heart, we bring people together and act as a catalyst for questions, advice and discussion. We educate and advise, listen and challenge, cheerlead and support. And through our co-working events, goal setting and bullet journal workshops, we even help you break down barriers, get productive and organised, and set, and SMASH your goals!

So yes, we are definitely more than just a networking group. Get in touch with us, and let’s chat about how we can support you AND your business.