This month we’re talking all about why we love small businesses. And let’s face it – they’re pretty easy to love! They’re creative, innovative, exciting… and their owners are some of the most inspiring, hard-working people that you’ll ever meet! But putting together this month’s content actually got me thinking of a different question – why is small business important?

At this point, I could fill this post with statistics and reports, and there are plenty to be found from sources like the Federation of Small Business. But repeating facts and figures, while so important to give context, isn’t so much our style. We much prefer to talk about our own observations and experiences on the ground.

So why then, is small business important?

1) Small businesses are an outlet for passion and creativity

Small businesses – particularly those run by solopreneurs – are often created as a result of the passion and creativity of the owner. This is important for two reasons. In the first instance, being able to transform one’s talents and passions into an actual job (and one that pays!) is something that so many dream of. And those of us that are able to live that dream, and live it every day, are incredibly lucky. In our case, we get to spend every day supporting female small business owners, which is where our passion lies. This then has a knock-on effect for the customer. When you buy from a small business, you buy a small piece of that passion and creativity, and the quality, and customer service, that comes with it.

2) They provide flexibility

When it comes to why small business is important, this is a big one. Especially for women. As women, we often find outselves having to juggle looking after our homes, our families, and many other things, as well as our businesses. And many find that difficult when we’re employed in the ‘standard’ 9-5. But being able to run your own business allows us to actually create the flexibility we need to get everything done. When you work for yourself you can fit work around childcare and other family commitments. You can fit in errands when you need to. You have the flexibility to manage everything in a way that works for you.

3) They create, and support communities

We love the idea of small business communities (so much so that we created our own!)… But in all seriousness, the way in which small business can bring people together is so important, for many reasons.

Firstly, there are communities of small business owners , like our own, who provide everything from referrals and support to information and learning. And they ensure that no small business owner needs to feel isolated in what can so easily start to feel like a lonely world. Secondly, we also find that small businesses create their own communities around them. These groups of loyal, supportive customers (and fans!) support and champion the business to others, and of course provide revenue in their own right.

So make sure you take care of your small business community, because let’s face it – we all need superfans!

4) They have so much potential

When it comes to why small business is important, this is a straightforward one. All businesses have to start somewhere. But when the business idea is both sound and backed up by appropriate plans and strategies, and the business owner themselves has a willingness to work hard and make things happen, the potential for success (and growth!) is enormous. Remember – Google started out in a garage!

Quite simply, small businesses can, one day, become huge. We’re lucky to see the women of our own community harnessing this potential every day, stepping out of their comfort zones and making amazing things happen!

5) They make a difference

I think this final point pretty much summarises everything said above about why small business is important. Small businesses make such a difference, and to so many. They allow Mummy the flexibility she needs to collect her child from school every day. The customer returns again and again because of the personalised service they receive.

And to bring us full circle to the facts and figures we referred to at the beginning, by doing all of the above, small business makes a vital contribution to the economy.