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Everyone knows how important it is for a small business owner to have a good support network around them, and this article from Inc. includes some great tips for starting to build one. But what about our own network? Why should women join Tabono?

The Tabono community has been around for a good while now, and it has been wonderful for us to see it growing, with more and more female small business owners joining us! It’s the heart of everything we do, and it’s both a pleasure and an honour to support them as they grow their businesses! But in case you’re new to us, why do these women join us? Here’s a little reminder:

1) To be themselves

This is a key one. Right from the get-go, it’s been important to us that the Tabono community is distinctly non-pressurised. That it’s a safe, comfortable space where women can absolutely be themselves. We want to hear about your successes, but equally we want you to know that it’s perfectly ok to say so when you’re having a rubbish day. There’s no need for ‘power suits’, business cards or elevator pitches if they aren’t ‘you’. We don’t mind, and indeed completely understand, if small people appear during virtual meetings. Finally, we believe that everyone is different and that each individual is the expert in doing what they do, and doing it in their own way.

2) To learn

Alongside being part of a community where women can be themselves with no pressure, women join Tabono to learn. We pride ourselves in offering a range of opportunities to facilitate this, such as through our members-only workshops and our mentoring programme, and through access to our team of subject-matter experts. But equally a huge part of Tabono is that the members learn from each other. Every day, thoughts are shared, ideas given and tips provided. And that makes Tabono special. Every woman present wants every other woman to succeed.

3) To get things done

When you’re juggling a whole load of different roles – partner, mother, daughter, business owner, and many more – your list of tasks can often become overwhelming. So another important reason why women join Tabono is to help them get things done, make progress and beat that procrastination! Accountability runs through everything we do so that members never feel alone, and there are people there to hold them to their goals and to their decisions. And when you run a small business, probably alone, that’s so important. Our twice-monthly co-working events in particular, are a great help. It really is amazing how much you can get done in two hours, when you’re in the right environment and with the right people!

4) To connect

You’ll notice that I didn’t say ‘to network’. But why? Well, networking implies an emphasis on meeting people to either turn them into customers, or find another way in which they can help you move your business forward. And we are definitely not just a ‘networking group’. Instead, Tabono brings women together to make whatever kinds of connections they need to. Yes, these connections can definitely be commercial, and indeed some of our members count themselves as other members’ best customers! But in addition, some connections lead to friendships and collaboration, but others come together because of a shared challenge or hardship, leading to a sense of mutual support. And that’s equally as important!

5) To grow their businesses

Finally, Tabono is, in the simplest of terms, a support system for female small business owners, and the objective that connects us all is that we want to grow our businesses. And that’s exactly what we want to help you to do, whilst learning to look after yourself along the way.

So if you’re a woman running her own business, we would love you to come and find out more about us! We offer everyone a completely free (and no obligation), month-long trial. All you need to do is to fill in the short form on our community page, or if you have any questions or want to chat about your specific needs, just get in touch!