Lizi Green

At Tabono, we are all about celebrating diversity, and acknowledging that every female business is unique and special in her own way. So today we are delighted to share this guest blog by Lizi Green from House of Colour, one of the members of our membership community.


We all strive to be accepted. To ‘fit in’. To be embraced for who we are and valued for the ideas we can bring to the table. I am using this blog to tell you (and me!) that this is possible – it starts with accepting and valuing ourselves and the diversity of culture, thought, and experiences that we can bring.

Diversity and inclusion

  • Diversity – the state of being diverse; variety
  • Inclusion – the action or state of including, or of being included, within a group or structure

It can be easy to latch on to the word ‘diversity’. It’s easy to understand that we are all different in some way. But for me, the important word is ‘inclusion’. This is the bit that takes effort. This is how you ensure people are embraced, valued, not marginalised and ultimately celebrated as an individual. How you grow and learn as a person. As a business. 

Think back through times in your life, how often have you become anxious about how you may be judged? Perhaps when you started your new job? When you became a parent? When you met a new group of people? How about when you had to disclose your gender? Or maybe when you had to present yourself at a work meeting? 

I can honestly say I have lived the majority of my life with a sense of dread and a build-up of anxiety at virtually every opportunity. Bullied at school from age 8, I have suffered with severe depression since I was 13. I have been told I will struggle to conceive. I have been a size 10 and 24 (and every one in between) and have acne/rosacea. My partner of 8 years and I have a house, but we’re not married. I can’t tell you the amount of times people assume I’m married, ask about my husband, ask why I’m not married, ask me about when I’ll have children. Even filling in my tax return I can only be married or single.

Raising Awareness

World awareness days are such a wonderful thing as they help us to enhance our knowledge of various diversities. But do we consider how they can be excluding? For example, does International Women’s Day include trans women? And on Mother’s Day ― what if you’ve lost a child or can’t be a mother? 

I remember listening to a podcast a few years ago where the person was recalling a story of when their boss, knowing they were married, asked if he wanted to bring his wife to a work event. This person was married, but to a man. It’s these little nuances in language… little assumptions that can be unconsciously/consciously non-inclusive. As more and more members of society have the confidence to represent themselves as amazing individuals… If we keep being curious, asking questions, embracing each other more, and being respectful of differences – we will get better. 

Being you

So, what’s stopping you from being you? Is it a fear that somebody won’t be accepting of you? Being judged? Do you lack a safe space? Are you fearful? Do you feel vulnerable? Or do you just need the right tools and people around you to get you started? 

For me, knowing the right people to surround myself with has helped enormously. I took time to find the right therapist who helps me repair and build my confidence from the inside out. In We Are Tabono, I have discovered a group of business women who embrace our diversity of opinions and ideas and backgrounds. I feel normal. 

It is also why I decided to become an image consultant. Fueled by my own experiences, I am a huge advocate of people being proud of and accepted for who they are, and I want to help ― in the way that I know how ― to help you to build your confidence in yourself, your body, your individuality and feel ready to be an authentic version of yourself every time you get dressed in the morning. My business is about working from the outside in.


Thank you so much, Lizi, for allowing us to share this incredibly moving, though-provoking blog.

If you’re reading this, why not let us know your own thoughts and experiences on celebrating diversity? We’d love to hear from you! And if you’re reading this but need a little confidence boost yourself, why not get in touch with us? Our tribe of wonderful female small business owners is here for you.