women at a networking event

OK – we know the title of this blog is networking tips for women in Marlow, but let’s be honest. They apply anywhere really! Including online!

Networking – The Tabono way

Before we dive into our networking tips, it’s important to set a little context. So if you’re new to Tabono, our approach is a little different to most networking events in the Maidenhead and Marlow area. We don’t, for example, operate any sort of lock-out. We believe that all women in business should be able to connect with each other, regardless of profession or level of experience. Nor do we operate any sort of rigid structure as we believe that networking should be organic and free-flowing. Yes, we have a guest speaker at each event on a range of topics, but other than that, we let the conversation flow!

Our events are also very relaxed. There’s no pressure to bring a box of business cards, nor to present yourself and your business in a certain way. On arrival you can be sure that someone will be waiting to talk to you, and if you’re new – introduce you to others.

And it’s with this in mind that we’ve put together these tips.

Networking tips for women

  1. Make a plan for what you’re looking to achieve, prior to attending an event. This could be something as simple as being social and chatting to people, or it could be to meet someone from a particular profession.
  2. If you’re feeling nervous, have questions, or want a particular introduction, reach out to the organisers (us!) in advance – we’ll be there to support you every step of the way!
  3. Be yourself – you are at the heart of your brand after all, and we want to get to know the real you. On the good days and the more difficult ones!

What’s next?

Well, if you’re looking for a networking event for women in Marlow, Maidenhead, or the surrounding area, consider yourself invited to Tabono’s next Network & Learn event! We hope our networking tips for women in Marlow are useful for you, and one of our events would be a great way for you to put them into practice.

We hold all of our face to face events at Cote Brasserie in Marlow, and tickets can be booked on a pay as you go basis via the links on our Events page. Alternatively, you’re equally welcome to join us for a month’s free trial of our membership community, which includes access to both our co-working and Network & Learn events during that month.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!