woman looking out of a window who has lost her mojo

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your business mojo? Maybe doubted your abilities? Thought you’re not good enough? Any of this sound familiar?

Sometimes we all have a wobble and you end up feeling like you’ve lost your business mojo. Perhaps it was the knock-on from something not quite working out. Or from putting off work or decisions. From a perceived failure. Because you’ve been comparing yourself to others. Maybe because you’re spending too much time in a negative mindset and don’t have the people around you to propel you forward and boost your confidence.

These episodes do tend to happen to all of us from time to time. So what can you do when you feel like you’ve lost your business mojo? The first step is to recognise where we are and what is happening. Sometimes, to get this recognition you might need to speak with other people who understand and who want you to be at your best. Once we can pinpoint the mode we are in and the types of behaviours that are happening to keep us stuck, we can begin to take action and slowly but surely get ourselves back on track. 

I’ve seen these wobbles not only in myself but also in many of the clients we work with at We Are Tabono. Running your own business is a challenge and one that takes a lot of strength and commitment. I’ve also seen myself and others get back on track and in the process build both their resilience and effectiveness.

So here are my five tips to get your head back in the game after a wobble, and pull your mindset back to where you need it to be in order to succeed!

1. Positive thinking

There is nothing more damaging than being in a negative headspace, especially when you’ve lost your business mojo. If your thoughts are along the lines of “I can’t be bothered” or “no one cares what I’ve got to say anyway” or “why am I even doing this” you are definitely not going to help yourself get back on track.

Sometimes we have to notice very pointedly what we are thinking and saying (to ourselves and others) and put a stop to it. Instead deciding to adopt that positive mindset. You can be truly kind to yourself here. You’re not punishing yourself for being negative. You’re giving yourself the gift of not getting in your own way and sabotaging your efforts. So, choose to speak to yourself the way you would to a friend and build up your confidence and your ability to get stuff done.

2. NO comparisons

Oh this is just a killer of anyone’s mojo!!! Don’t do it. Comparing ourselves to others can only lead to being riddled with self doubt and really being knocked off our game. Instead, celebrate the successes of others whilst keeping in mind that things like social media give a purposefully rosy glow that may not be reality! And if you truly believe other people who are doing similar things to you and in a better space or performing particularly well, then use that as your motivation to up your game! Get out there, own it and show us all what you’ve got!

3. Surround yourself with the right people

Not everyone understands the unique pressures and complexities of running your own business whilst juggling the rest of your life – it’s HARD!! But it can also be joyful, which is the bit we love!

So, when times are tough and you’re having a wobble, look at the company you’re keeping. Are you surrounding yourself with the cheerleaders you need to get back on track? Do they understand when you actually need a break and why you need to be rallied to crack on? 

One fantastic way to get back on top and stay there more consistently is to work with a coach or mentor. Someone who can have eyes on your business and be a major support, sounding board and give strategic input to help you move forward.

We also highly recommend being part of a community of other people who understand what you’re going through. They can make you feel understood, and can also spark your motivation and cheer you on! Mentoring and community membership are things we specialise in and we’d love to welcome you into the world of We Are Tabono. Why not get in touch for a chat about how we can help you?

4. Consistency

When we get into one of these phases of uncertainty or self doubt we tend to lose focus and become a little drifty. Feeling like you’ve lost your business mojo is not a time to leave things loose! It’s a time to get really focused and tight with your planning, time management and execution. Consistency is absolutely vital to feel committed to what you are doing and to avoid the plague of questions in your head about what you’re doing.

We have seen over and over again people pulling back, keeping quiet, and generally lacking consistency when they have a wobble and it just makes them feel worse. They then berate themselves for not posting on social media or being absent and it just makes things worse! So, be thoroughly planned and get to work to make you feel strong and in control!

5. There is no failure

These wobbles happen to us all, and we need to know it doesn’t mean we are failing or not doing well, it’s just a cycle we sometimes go through. But if we learn that there is no failure, it’s all just a learning process, then we can let go of those feelings of inadequacy and move forward with confidence. A success mindset allows us to take bold steps, get out of our comfort zone and see what happens! It won’t always work out the way we hope, but that is OK and it helps us learn and work out what we need or want to do. Adopt the right mindset to allow you to thrive in the face of adversity rather than shy away and feel you’ve done something wrong.

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients. We would love to give you this kind of support too, just get in touch!

“We Are Tabono is a wonderfully engaging, supportive network which encourages you to focus on both your business priorities and your personal well-being. Being a solopreneur can be lonely, particularly during a pandemic and knowing you have a group where you can be positive and vulnerable and know you won’t be judged is invaluable.

I have also worked with Chloe & Anna for some mentoring and when they say two heads are better than one, it’s true! They have very different lenses and perspectives on the same issue so you come away with a rounded view and often some different ways to tackle your challenge. They are warm, open, encouraging and curious and have really helped me deal with some challenges I’ve had about moving my business forward.

If you’re a woman in business looking for a supportive, genuine, warm, challenging community, then look no further. I’d highly recommend We Are Tabono.”

Lindsay Wright, community member and mentoring client.