Chloe Leibowitz

We talk about mindset a lot. But before we get into why you should invest in your mindset, we need to be sure what it actually means. If you’re not too sure what we mean by ‘mindset’, it’s a collection of beliefs that impact and influence how you see the world and how you behave; how you feel about things and what thoughts you have. So quite a big deal really!

The mind is everything. What you think, you become.


Why would we need or want to change our mindset?

You may also hear people talking about changing their mindset, getting a different mindset, adopting a more positive mindset, or perhaps a success mindset. But why do people want to change their mindset in the first place? And is that even possible?

Well generally, if people want to change their mindset, it will be because they’ve realised the enormous effect it has on their overall sense of purpose, happiness and success. Maybe they’re stuck with some negative, limiting beliefs, or perhaps they have insecurities and think they’re not confident enough to do what they want to do. Then, they may well want to see if they can change that mindset in order to achieve their goals.

Tricky thing is – of course we can shift our mindsets, and there are many coaches out there who help individuals and executives to do just that, but it requires some serious effort and concentrated definitive action on your part. You need to invest in your mindset.

So why can it be hard to change?

Well, we’ve had these deep set beliefs about the world and ourselves for an extremely long time. Most of our core beliefs have been set since childhood, whether we realise it or not. We may even have inherited lots of them from our parents or other people of influence around us. The magic, though, is that we can change our mindset. We can become supremely aware of our current mindset, the ways it encourages us and the ways it holds us back. Once we get good at recognising where we limit ourselves, we can become crystal clear in the behaviours and thoughts we want to instill in order to have the type of mindset we desire.

What will motivate us to keep going?

As you may know, committing to and sticking to changes we make in our lives can be extremely hard sometimes. We need a really strong motivating factor(s) to keep going and start to see changes. With this in mind, the best motivator is to uncover exactly WHY you want this different mindset. What will a more positive / less critical / happier / kinder / stronger etc mindset bring to you and your life? What will the benefits be? How do you see your life unfolding if you can conquer certain barriers in your way? That WHY needs to be kept very visible. I’m a huge fan of vision boards or personal statements that show or tell you exactly what the future holds if you just stay true to yourself and goals you set.

What sort of investment does it require?

Mainly time and discipline. Do you recognise the statement “why am I even doing this”? Well, people often decide they want to pursue something specific, something they want to see in their future, be that a new career, business, level of fitness, new home – whatever the goal, they get fired up and motivated and decide to go for it. But, inevitably, challenges come along, old habits die hard and rear their heads threatening to throw you off track and tempt you back to the easier way of life with the mindset you’ve always had. By investing in your mindset, and investing time in creating new habit patterns and new routines. By being bold and getting out of your comfort zone and having the discipline to keep taking the harder actions. After a time, these will become your new normal and less hard as time goes on. Not to mention, you will begin to see adjustments / improvements / glimpses of the success you want in the future. And that will completely overtake the feelings of this being hard. You will definitely at this point remember clearly your WHY and why you are doing this!

So should you invest in your mindset?

Recognising your limitations and challenging yourself to embrace and pull towards you more of what you want is scary. But it is hugely rewarding. If you really want to see different results and you commit to that change, I think you already know why it is worth it.

That’s not to say it’s easy though. As I mentioned earlier, it can be very challenging at times, and some of us need a helping hand to get there. Some can do this kind of thing purely by committing to others – maybe friends or family members, or a colleague or coach. Others though, will want some more structured support. Something that keeps them accountable and allows them to have a cheerleader who can also guide them. Our signature coaching programme, The Success Mindset, gives you exactly that. We offer a free consultation to anyone considering coaching, so get in touch with us to book your appointment today. It’s time to start the journey to invest in your mindset.

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