Group of women walking towards the camera

Did you know that over one third of UK businesses are now female-led? This is a figure that has increased significantly over the last few years, and one which we ourselves are proud to be a very small part of. There are also many organisations out there who provide support for women in business, ranging from banks, to local groups, to businesses like our own. And all of these organisations play an important part in making sure that the upward trend of female-led businesses continues.

The challenge for every female founder becomes, then, how to identify what kind of support she needs, and who the best provider of that support might be. Because, as we’ve said many times on this blog, nobody – male or female – can run a business, completely on their own.

So why should you choose to work with Tabono? What’s it like to be part of our team? And how do you know if we can provide the support that you need, in the way that you need it?

How Tabono supports women in business

Before we look into the details of what it’s like to work with us, it’s important to note that all women are welcome at Tabono. There are no exclusions or restrictions in terms of location, stage of business or the nature of what you do. In fact, we encourage people from the same background to work together, rather than keep them in individual ‘lanes’ or in competition. Additionally, we don’t put impose any requirements on our members and clients in terms of referrals or even introductions. All we ask is that you share in our values.

But what does this mean in reality? Tabono is for women who want to…

…be part of a team.

When it comes to support for women in business, Tabono is a team. Our whole ethos is focussed on the fact that running a small business can be lonely. It can be so hard to know who can help you when you’re stuck, or even just to find someone to bounce ideas around with. Someone who gets it and has been where you are. Tabono provides women with a place to go, meet people, ask questions and seek support. A safe space. But equally our team members are also willing to support each other, either on a personal or professional basis. We’re there for each other – on the bad days as well as the good!

… be real

There are a lot of groups out there who, intentionally or otherwise, make you feel that you have to put on a front. To dress, act and present your business in a certain way. Even tell you what you can and can’t talk about, and how to deliver what you say. But Tabono is all about being real and authentic. If you’re most comfortable in your jeans or joggers, that works for us. Coming to a networking straight from the gym? That’s perfectly ok. Things not going to plan? Worried that you can’t do something? We’ve been there. If it feels right to you, it works for us.

The same level applies to how our members feel – not just how they present themselves. We know how nerve-wracking it can be to join a new group or walk into a networking event for the first time. We’ve been there. So if you’re nervous – come along early when there are less people around and we’ll be there to welcome you. Not feeling ready to introduce yourself and your business in front of the whole group quite yet? That’s ok too. Be yourself, and we’ve got your back.

…be open

This point links back to the ‘team’ one above in that the collective voice of women is so much more powerful than when we act alone. When we’re open to being part of our wider environment, we open ourselves up to new ideas and new opportunities. As such, we encourage women to join us who are open to learning new things. To seeking support when they need it, but also to giving it. To sharing knowledge for the collective good, rather than focussing solely on your own business and your own needs. Tabono is about being open to giving back to others, just as much as it is personal gain.

… to have fun!

The support for women in business that we provide is taken very seriously and our clients have receive the absolute best of what we can provide. But while we take what we do very seriously, we are known for being very relaxed in the way we do it! In doing so, we put our clients and members at ease, they trust us, and we build long-standing relationships with them as a result. and that’s so important for many reasons. And a key part of this is having fun! Whether it be a ‘Friday Fun’-style post in our Facebook group, or our Christmas 2020 Zoom party (yes, there were cocktails in the middle of the afternoon!), or the time Anna and Chloe just couldn’t get the lid off the Nutribullet, we love bringing everyone together.

Our support for women in business – what it is not

We’ve given you a flavour of how it feels to work with Tabono above. But what are we not? Well, while we absolutely acknowledge that different approaches work for different people, we are definitely not:

  • Structured – we believe that every woman in business is unique, and choose not to restrict this uniqueness by imposing restrictions or structures. Every client has their own reasons for working with us, and they can access the support that they need in the way that they need it.
  • Focussed solely on business – to us, wellbeing and business success go hand in hand, and to provide support for women in business, you need to consider both.
  • Tied in to a minimum commitment – our membership is completely flexible to reflect the fact that life sometimes just gets in the way! We don’t have any minimum commitment. And we don’t even have a joining fee!
  • A networking group – Yes, we do networking (several times each month in fact!). But we are so much more than a networking group. We are your cheerleaders. Your accountability partner. Your advisor and your coach. We’re in your team, and right behind you – every step of the way.

Now what?

The above gives you an idea of what it’s like to work with us. How we create a safe space for women to grow their confidence, learn, make connections and build their businesses. The ethos and values that we bring to everything we do, whether it be through our relationships with our community members, at our events, or through working with our 2-to-1 clients.

If you’re a woman in business, and this sounds like the style of support you’re looking for, the best thing to do is to come and try it for yourself! You can book a Discovery Call to chat to us first. Or if you’re more the ‘dive in with both feet’ type, come and join our community for a month and see for yourself what it’s all about. We would love to meet you!