Women celebrating

A key part of what we do at Tabono is to encourage clients to recognise and celebrate their successes. And do the same for those of others. On 8th July, we are holding a summer party at the village hall in Hurley. Why? Because we’re celebrating women in business! We feel really lucky to work with many women on their business journeys. This is particularly true of our coaching clients, who (and whose businesses!) we get to know at a deeper level. It’s so rewarding for us as business coaches, to see them go from strength to strength. Regardless of how far they are along their business journey though, these women work incredibly hard, are passionate about what they do, and deserve to be celebrated!

5 reasons to celebrate women in business

  1. Women are equal, but differences – and gaps – still remain. By celebrating women in business, we acknowledge their skills and expertise, and raise awareness of (and support for) the challenges that they face.
  2. Women are responsible for their businesses, but often they also take the lead on responsibilities connected to the home. Whether we’re talking children, or aging parents, or both – this juggle is so common. Women deserve to be celebrated for the role that they play in, and across, both of these worlds.
  3. It’s very common for women to play down their accomplishments – saying things like “I just did this”, or “I only did that”. The time for being quiet – and even apologetic – about our achievements is over. Let’s shout about our achievements, and celebrate them!
  4. By celebrating others, we feel inspired and motivated to chase our goals ourselves. In our community, we encourage women to share their achievements in our community every week. Now, we are taking this a stage further by holding an in-person event to celebrate further still.
  5. We should be celebrating women in business because it’s fun! Our community comes together for connection – both in a business capacity and as friends. And now that the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, it’s time to celebrate in style!

How will you celebrate?

As we mention above, we will be bringing together women from around the Berkshire/South Buckinghamshire area to celebrate women in business on 8th July. The event will be in our signature relaxed style, and includes speakers, shopping and of course plenty of opportunity to connect with others! You can find more information (or grab a ticket!) here!

But if you’re not free, or you live too far away, we’d still encourage you to think about how you can celebrate women in business, in your own way. Here are a few suggestions for you to take forward:

  • Make an active choice to buy from a female business owner
  • Next time you do, leave them a review
  • If you spot someone asking for recommendations for a particular product or service, take the time to suggest an amazing female-led business.

And if you know a woman in business who deserves a shout-out, let us know. We’d love to hear about them!