When Chloe and I first start working with new clients at We Are Tabono, we always go back to basics. For example, what is their vision for their business? And their goals for 1, 3, and 5 years from now. Have they even thought that far ahead?What’s their motivation, and what does success look like for them? And what is it that’s special about the way they do things? Everyone is unique after all, and so it’s important to understand what makes each business different. The same is true of the strengths and weaknesses, and motivations and challenges of each business owner. And in the spirit of practising what we preach, we wanted to (re-) introduce you to We Are Tabono, and share what makes us tick in today’s blog. Read on, and find out more about the Four Cs.

We Are Tabono’s mission

At its core, We Are Tabono exists to empower driven, ambitious women to take bold action to create successful businesses that they love. Our holistic approach supports women to move from overwhelm to efficacy, uncertainty to having a clear direction, and from fear of failure to taking positive action towards achieving your idea of success.

We work with women from all sectors, and all stages of business. All we ask is that you are committed to working with us and to achieving your goals, and that you are ready to invest in creating a businss that you love.

Tabono’s Four Cs

Every woman, and every business, is different, and so we don’t advocate a particular method or formula when it comes to growing a business. Instead, we work with women across four broad areas – called the four Cs.


Business coaching lies at the heart of what we do at We Are Tabono. It’s for women who are ambitious and are driven towards achieving their definition of success. It’s for women who have clear strengths in their chosen field or craft – whether that be HR consultancy or cake making – but who need support in creating and building a business, along with the mindset and belief that they can do it. Tabono is for women who have to make their businesses work so that they don’t have to return to employment/corporate life.

As such, we work with clients on their strategy and vision, and on defining what success means to them. We support them with any specific challenges, like pricing, personal brand and increasing reachand visibility. Through our holistic approach to entrepreneurship, our clients learn to set goals and make progress, and to create the mindset needed to deliver.


A key aspect of the mindset work that we do with our coaching clients focuses on confidence. This is a challenge that we see again and again with our clients, and with women in business in general. It’s so easy to allow the comparisonitis and Imposter Syndrome to creep in, and by working with us, clients learn the tools and techniques to manage negative chatter and create a true success mindset.

If you want success, be unique.

Natalie Massenet – Founder, Net-a-Porter


Working with We Are Tabono on a consultancy basis is for those who want to deliver our experience and expertise straight to the heart of their businesses. This might be through something short-term and tactical, like a bullet journal workshop delivered for your team as part of a wellbeing week. Or it might be a long term relationship, such as working with you to grow a portfolio of grant-projects. A third example would be engaging us to develop a detailed business plan.


Tabono’s final ‘C’ is Community. Our community was built in recognition of the fact that nobody can run a business, completely on their own. It was created as a safe space for like-minded women to go and seek support when they need it. To celebrate each other’s successes, share knowledge and make connections for mutual benefit. The Tabono community is a place to be real, and to present yourself and your business in a way that is genuinely and authentically, you.

All of our coaching clients automatically become members of our community as part of their programme, and women can also join the community and attend events on a standalone basis.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Ryunosuke Satoro

Start your journey with We Are Tabono

As with any good journey, the first step is to think about where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. So why not book a Discovery Call and let’s chat about how we could work together and which of the four Cs would work best for you!