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How many times have you found yourself spending all your time working in your business, rather than on it? Getting distracted by the minutiae of this customer or that order. Acknowledging that you will do the more strategic work, or have the planning time… but you’ll do it when you have time. Which is something that happens either rarely, or never. If this sounds all to familiar, you need an Away Day! And in today’s blog, we’ll explain exactly why you need one, and how an Away Day works.

Why you need an Away Day

If you’ve spent any time in the corporate world, the concept of an Away Day probably isn’t new for you. People hold ‘whole company’ away days. Leadership teams have them. Groups have them to give them the space to work on particular strategies or initiatives. Why? Because Away Days give people the head-space to focus on something, away from their usual business environment. Going ‘away’ removes daily distractions like email and phone calls. It provides a change of scene, which in turn promotes fresh ideas. Sometimes they even involve an external facilitator to bring new perspectives and impartial oversight, which again removes, or at least lessens, the impact of the organisational hierarchy.

However, as small business owners, finding time for this kind of activity is incredibly hard. You’re probably thinking that you can’t possibly take time out, because there’s only you in your business. Maybe you’re worried about taking time away ‘just in case’ something happens. And that’s understandable. But the thing is, the benefits of giving yourself an Away Day can be huge! Here are some examples:

  • An opportunity to consider the ‘big picture’ for your business – not just your day to day To Do List
  • If you’re facing a major decision in your business, time to review all aspects of the decision-making process, without distractions
  • By working with a facilitator or other third party, you can gain a hugely valuable external perspective on your business, and any current challenges and opportunities

How an Away Day works

The specific details of an Away Day will depend on what you want to achieve and whether you want to hold your day alone or with others. So before you make any decisions, consider your objectives. But if you do decide you want to work with an external agency, why not consider spending your Away Day with us? Here’s how an Away Day works when you choose to spend it with Tabono:

1) The Review

The first stage of a Tabono Away Day is the Review. This is a full-on deep dive into your business. We look at where you’ve been and where you are. Where you’re going and what your idea of success looks like. Then we look at your challenges and barriers, and your objectives, both for the Away Day itself, and beyond.

2) The Discussion

The second stage of the Away Day is the Discussion. This is the in-person (or on Zoom – your choice!) bit. We sit down with you and go through your review in detail, brainstorming, planning and working through any barriers or challenges as we go.

3) The Report

This is the final stage of the Away Day. The Report, which we put together for you after The Discussion, is essentially an action plan. It captures all of the outputs of the Away Day in a detailed, actionable way and is designed to provide you with a clear way forward

Ready for your Away Day?

Now that you have a better idea of how an Away Day works, let’s get yours arranged! Whether you want to focus on mindset and confidence, or business, or a combination of all of these things, an Away Day could be the catalyst for change that you’ve been looking for! Book a free Discovery Call here and let’s discuss what you’re looking to achieve, and how we might work together to achieve it.