Anna Verghese

There’s no doubt that 2022 has been an incredibly busy, roller-coaster of a year. Ukraine and Russia continue to be at war. Britain has had three Prime Ministers and a new King. Energy prices have gone through the roof, and we remain in the midst of a cost of living crisis. And all of these things – and more besides – have affected small business in different ways. And while it’s really important to review your year at the end of a ‘normal’ year, this year it feels even more so.

Take some time then, to reflect on what’s happened in your business over the last 12 months. Think about what has gone well and what not so well, and use what you learn to plan for the coming year. You can read more about how to get started with this process here.

And in the spirit of practising what I preach, here’s my review of the year, and the three big things that I’ve learned.

1) It’s all about video

This year I set myself a personal goal of being more visible – particularly on video. Being visible on social media is something that I have resisted for a long time, but this year was my year to overcome that. Luckily, I’m the kind of person that, once I decide to do something, one I’ve reached the point where I want to do something, I go all in. It almost becomes a case of my proving to myself that I can do whatever it is that I’ve decided to do. So when it comes to video, that’s what I did. I went for it.

And no – my videos aren’t technically flawless, and the delivery certainly isn’t without a good sprinkling of ‘err..’ or ‘umm..’. But the point is that I’m doing them, and my confidence is growing as a result. So video is definitely a work in progress, but the point is that I am making progress. And this is going to be something I continue to build on in 2023.

2) Change

A change is as good as a rest – as they say. Something I personally, have always believed. I’m also a person who loves a challenge, and loves the kind of work that keeps me on my toes. So while 2022 has been a year of change for Tabono, change is something that I embrace. With change comes both new challenges and new opportunities, and both of these things are positive forces in my view.

The lesson learned here – and one that has been reinforced for me personally, this year – is not to be afraid of change. Instead, acknowledge it, embrace it and use it as a positive force for good. You never know where that change might lead you.

3) Look after you

For a business owner to be fully equipped to look after their business, they need to be able to look after themselves first. This point is something that has been at the heart of the Tabono philosophy since its inception. And for various reasons, including now running the business alone, this has been particularly pertinent for this year. So 2022 has been the year where I’ve super-charged my (already pretty organised!) approach to planning and productivity, prioritised my mental health and re-established my Why at the core of everything I do.

2023 loading…

Those are my big lessons from 2022, but what about you? What are your biggest lessons from the last 12 months? Even if you don’t want to share them with others, taking time to reflect and think about how you are going to take what you’ve learned forward is a hugely valuable exercise. But if you do want to share your own review of the year, I’d love to hear what you come up with.

The more reflective you are, the more effective you are.

Pete Hall & Alisa Simeral