That feeling that you’ve lost motivation in your business. That you’ve lost enthusiasm for what you’re doing and forgotten why you started doing it in the first place. That your business mojo has departed for who knows where. Sound familiar? In a world where our competitors can appear to be ‘Insta-perfect’, it can often feel like you’re the only one who feels that way. But you know what? I feel like that some times. My clients feel like that. Every now and again, we all feel like our motivation is waning, or that it has disappeared altogether.

Sometimes you need to get lost to find your way.

Amith Umesh

5 reasons why you’ve lost your motivation in your business

The good news is that there are lots of reasons why you might find yourself feeling like that. And even better, there are things you can do about it. In this blog, we explain some of the most common reasons for lost motivation in your business. Then in the next one, we’ll share some strategies to help you regain it.

1) You’re bored

If you’ve lost motivation in your business because you’re bored, chances are you’ve been doing the same old thing, in the same old way, for a significant amount of time. And while many of us like the comfort that comes from knowing what we’re doing and when we’re doing it, humans still need some level of change and variety. So instead, when things get repetitive, shake things up. Innovate. Even small changes can make a massive difference to your mindset.

2) You’re overwhelmed

There are two aspects to this point when it comes to lost motivation in your business. Firstly, overwhelm that comes from poor structures, procrastination and a lack of productivity, and secondly, physical or mental overwhelm. In both cases though, the solution is in looking after yourself. You need to create ways of working that are efficient and effective, and that work for you; and equally, you need to give yourself permission to put yourself first and to look after yourself, and to give yourself time off when you need it. When we look after ourselves, we automatically become better equipped to look after our businesses.

3) You’re stuck

Lost motivation as a result of feeling stuck is usually related to a specific situation or challenge. Perhaps you’ve been confronted by a particular decision and you just find yourself going around in circles. Maybe you just can’t find the right solution to help you and your business move forward. Whatever the reason for your feeling this way, not knowing how to get out of your situation is a key factor in the loss of motivation.

4) You’re not achieving your goals

Whereas the third cause of lost motivation in your business was about how you deal with specific situations, this point is about a general lack of direction. Quite simply, if we’re not achieving the goals we’ve set ourselves, we easily become de-motivated and eventually start wondering if we should give up. If this is the cause of your lost motivation, then you really need to figure out why you’re not achieving your goals, and take action to remedy it, as soon as possible.

5) You’re lonely

In the same way that we all need variety, we also need to be surrounded by people that support us. People that have our backs. Those that understand what we’re going through and what we’re trying to achieve. Those that have been down the entrepreneurship road either before or with us. But when we don’t have that, self-employment can feel so lonely. And with that loneliness comes a lack of enthusiasm for what we’re doing, and a lack of motivation overall.

Be kind to yourself

If you do feel like you’ve lost motivation for your business, be kind to yourself. Know that you’re not alone, and that we all go through periods like this. It’s very normal. Instead, the most important thing is how you deal with these challenges. I’ll be sharing some strategies for regaining lost motivation in my next blog, but if you can’t wait for that, book a free 30 minute consultation with me, and let’s talk.