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60 minute Business Boost

If you’re a solo business owner, chances are things get lonely sometimes. It’s tough when you’re the one responsible for anything and everything in your business.

You’ve probably wished you had someone else to talk things through with. Someone to provide fresh eyes and give you a second opinion. Maybe someone to brainstorm and exchange ideas with. Someone to be your challenger and cheerleader in equal measure.

That’s where my 60 minute Business Boost comes in.


Anna Verghese

For only £99 you get to spend with 60 minutes with me, and we can use that hour to discuss whatever you need to, so long as it will help you to move your business forward.

Recent examples include:

  • A pricing strategy sanity check
  • Structuring the working week
  • Self-worth and getting out of your comfort zone
  • Ideal customer 

Whatever your topic, you will leave feeling clearer and more justified in your direction and decision-making, and with a defined action plan to help you move forward after our meeting.

To get started with your Business Boost, all you need to do is book your session by hitting the button below. Business Boosts are held on Zoom, or in person if we live near enough to each other!

Anna is an energetic, motivational and extremely knowledgeable business woman who has helped me to consider my true purpose and achieve clarity around my goals and how best to achieve them.

Denise Greene

Crystal Blue Clarity

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