Chloë Leibowitz

I’m Chloë, wife, mum of 2, stepmum of 3 and juggler of business, home and life, based near Maidenhead!

I’m very excited to be bringing our business coaching and support network for women to life, along with my talented and experienced business partner, Anna. Together we have created a vision that allows us to pool our knowledge and expertise in our own fields, and build something very special for other entrepreneurs.

In my Life Coaching practice I specialise in inspiring and motivating entrepreneurs. Most of my 1-2-1 clients come to me to improve their mindset, organisation, focus, vision and confidence. Some struggle to balance the different areas of their lives effectively, some struggle with Imposter Syndrome, and many would describe themselves as extremely busy but not productive. 

In addition to our life and business coaching clients, I am also a Bullet Journal expert, and deliver a range of workshops for individuals and corporate teams.

We are looking forward to working with you to educate and inspire you to achieve your business and life goals.


Chloe Leibowitz, co-founder

Chloe Leibowitz