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After the Tabono programme: Creating positive change.

Saying that you'll make a change is one thing. But sticking with it for the long term is just as important. So how do you make changes that stick? How do you know, that when you sign up for the Tabono programme, the habits and tools that we introduce you to, will make...

Are you feeling stressed?

So? Are you feeling stressed? We Are Tabono is based on an holistic approach to entrepreneurship and our programme covers both business skills, and the mindset, confidence and wellbeing of the entrepreneur. From our own and our clients’ experiences, we know how easy...

Choose your business support team wisely.

The people we spend time with are a big deal. We’ve blogged about this before, and about how being an entrepreneur can be a long and lonely game. When we decide to pursue our own enterprise, we need to do so, knowing that we have a business support team. We need to...

Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable?

If you want to be an entrepreneur, or if you already class yourself as one, you'll probably know that staying in your comfort zone is pretty pointless. An entrepreneur - aspiring or established - needs to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I was reading...

Where will your path to success take you?

Every parent wants to see their child start out on the path to success. This week I watched my daughter at her graduation. But before you get visions of degree ceremonies and caps and gowns, I just want to clarify - she's five. It was her graduation from Early Years....

Are you afraid of failing?

Have you always wanted to start a business, but feel afraid of failing? There are so many reasons we set off on the path of entrepreneurship. We have a passion to deliver, teach or create the thing we love. We know what we offer can make a difference. Or solve a...

Do something that scares you.

Do something that scares you. Makes you think, that phrase, doesn't it? This week marks the 50th anniversary of when Apollo 11 left the confines of the earth to transport Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to the moon, before first landing there on 20th...

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