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How do you maintain a positive mindset?

Have you ever noticed how much easier things seem when you’re in a positive space? Or how tough your day can feel if you’re clouded with negativity? Learning how to maintain a positive mindset is crucial when you run a small business. Why? Because it takes real...

How to get organised: 3 top tips

Running a business can be a real challenge, and keeping up with everything can feel like a never-ending sprint! And then when you add family and other personal commitments into the mix, it can sometimes feel impossible! So how do you get organised? How do you make...

Where do you start with social media scheduling?

Ask yourself - how many times do you get up in the morning and feel the panic setting in? Why? Because you haven't thought about the day's posts, let alone had time for social media scheduling! You then spend too much time casting around for ideas before you post...

What’s in a brand?

What is actually in a brand? When we first think of the word, our thoughts are pretty much guaranteed to turn to logos. The Nike tick... The McDonald's 'M'... The Twitter bird... some of the most recognisable logos of all time. Good logos often have a story behind...

How to build customer relationships that last.

How much do you love your customers? We certainly do - and we feel the greatest sense of success in our own business, when we see their businesses achieve and succeed, knowing that they are doing so with our support. There's something hugely special about that to us....

Why choose to run a small business?

I've been thinking about this quite a bit recently. There's no doubt that the decision to work for yourself is a huge one. It's a roller-coaster. There are huge ups, but equally huge downs. You have to be brave. You have to obliterate your comfort zone. It takes...

National Compliment Day

Thank you to Katie Topping, Curator in Chief at Spirit and Grace, for allowing us to share this blog. ************************************************************************ Morning all, I received a really lovely compliment this morning and it gave me a fantastic...

People to learn from

We've talked a lot on this blog and on our socials about the importance of people when you run a business. But entrepreneurship isn't just about people to meet and to work with. Or people who can support and help you as you move through your business journey. It's...

Blue Monday

Since 2005, a particular Monday in January (usually the third Monday of the month) has been labelled Blue Monday, and noted as the most depressing day of the year. Why? Well it seems to be mainly to do with the harsh and gloomy weather at this time of year. Plus the...

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