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Body language – it starts with the feet!

We've been thinking a lot about building a strong business team over the last couple of weeks, and mostly that's been about finding the people that you need to join you! But in today's blog, I wanted to touch on how you approach the people you want to engage with....

How a coach can support your business.

You will almost certainly be familiar with the term 'coach' - life coach, business coach, weight loss coach, and so on. But have you ever wondered how a coach can support your business? Firstly, working alone can feel like endless responsibility. The weight of...

Small business magic

Tabono Events: Co-working (January 2020) We've said many times on this blog, that some of our favourite things to do at We Are Tabono are to bring people together, and to make a difference to them and to their businesses. To us, that's when the small business magic...

Working with people

Many of us will have written in job applications that we are good 'working with people'. I know I have. So why is it that the decision to become self-employed often means, for so many of us, working alone? At least in the early days of our businesses. When you're in...

Know your strengths (and weaknesses)

In my blog post last week, I touched on the concept of a skills audit - or in other words, an exercise to help you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Because when you do, you can fill those gaps, and in doing so, build an amazing team around yourself. So today I...

Celebrating success in business

How do you spend time celebrating success in your business? Do you have a formal review process? Or a 'win of the week'? Or do you take more of an ad hoc approach? Everyone is different, and this rather uplifting read from shows exactly that. The key...

How does coaching work?

At We Are Tabono, we take a coaching-based approach in everything we do - both through our online course and workshops, and with our 1-to-1 clients. So what happens when you decide you want some coaching for you and your business? How do you even get to that point of...

A support system for small business owners.

We've said it many times on this blog - when you run a small business, the people you have around you are crucial. You need people with the expertise you need, but that you don't have. People to listen and advise you. Others who will hold you accountable and push back...

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