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4 reasons to join a small business community

Our small business community is at the heart of everything we do. It's a place where female small business owners come together both online and in person (when government guidelines allow!) to work together, build their confidence and grow their businesses. But why do...

What makes a great elevator pitch?

What makes a great elevator pitch? And why is having one so important? First and foremost, when you meet someone new in a professional capacity, your elevator pitch is what you say when someone asks you who you are and what you do. It's succinct and to the point. It's...

How do you manage your stress?

International Stress Awareness Week was created back in 2018 to raise awareness of ways to combat the effects of stress. This year it seems particularly poignant and relevant, given the enormous impact Covid19 and the lockdown measures have had on the world as a...

Karen Stevens: A story from the pandemic

Today's blog is a story from the pandemic. And we are delighted to feature that of one of our very own community members! We are incredibly proud of Karen Stevens from Bags It's Mine, and we hope that you find her story of working hard and giving back as inspiring as...

World Mental Health Day 2020

Today marks World Mental Health Day 2020, this year's theme is 'mental health for all'. 2020 has been quite some rollercoaster of a year. I think it’s fair to say that this year has been a challenge in terms of mental health for us all. And perhaps some sudden...

How does Tabono hold you accountable?

We've talked about accountability a number of times before on our blog. It's so important when you run a small business. Especially if you run it on your own. Without someone to hold you accountable, keeping yourself on track, staying motivated, and making the...

Be brave, small business owner!

Learn to be brave, small business owner. Easier said than done, right? How many times have you doubted yourself and your abilities? Struggled with Imposter Syndrome? Wondered why one of your competitors is, or appears to be, doing so much better than you? Or even let...

Business tips from our community

There are a plethora of business tips out there. You just need to Google it! It's easy to find a huge number of articles outlining how to do this and when to do that. So much so that it can seem overwhelming! But given that there is so much information from so many...

Lessons from COVID-19

Today might be a Bank Holiday, but it's also the start of the week that, for many, things will start to return a little more to something like normal. The government are encouraging us to return to work in the office. Our children are returning to school. It will...

Enter the accountant!

In this week's guest blog, we are delighted to share this piece by Emma Truran from EMT Accountancy. In it, Emma shares the importance both of outsourcing as a small business owner, and also the value to be gained from a great accountant! Thanks so much Emma, for...

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