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Mental Health in an Unqual World

This year the theme for World Mental Health Day is 'Mental Health in an Unequal World'. It struck a chord with many of us during the worst of the pandemic, when some said that we were all battling the same storm but from very different boats. Some of us had yachts,...

How to price your product (or service)

How to price your product is a question that comes up fairly regularly with our clients and in our members group. It can be a tricky question on a mathematical front, especially for those of us for whom finance isn't our strong point. But in addition, it can also lead...

7 reasons why martial arts are good for your wellbeing

In today's guest blog, our thanks goes to Sensei Dan Verghese from Kazoku Ju Jitsu, who shares with us why martial arts are good for your wellbeing. Dan Verghese has practised a variety of martial arts since 1998 and teaches Japanese ju-jitsu to adults and children in...

How to make habits stick

We all have good habits. And we all have bad habits. But what happens when we want to change the bad ones into good ones? How do we make habits stick? “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems. Your goal is your desired...

Why you should invest in your mindset

We talk about mindset a lot. But before we get into why you should invest in your mindset, we need to be sure what it actually means. If you’re not too sure what we mean by 'mindset', it's a collection of beliefs that impact and influence how you see the world and how...

How to look after your mindset

Yesterday we launched our brand new coaching programme for women - called The Success Mindset Programme. It's a 6 session journey, led by Chloe, that's designed to help you to create a true success mindset - something that's so important when you run a small business....

Why should you invest in your business?

As small business owners, we all have things we would love to purchase for our businesses 'if we could'. But often we find ourselves holding back. Saying things like "I'll do it when I've achieved X,Y,Z", or quite simply "I can't afford it right now". And we get that...

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