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How goal setting improves productivity

It’s very easy to be unproductive. And it’s difficult to know where we’re going if we don’t have any direction. We are huge advocates of creating a future vision for your small business, and doing regular goal setting and planning to accompany that. Why? Because goal...

10 reasons to support small business

Photo Credit: Maidenhead Gift Emporium Over the last few weeks, we've been talking a lot on this blog about the support that's available to small business owners. Examples have included support networks, how to alleviate feelings of loneliness and how to look after...

Feeling lonely, small business owner?

************************ In this fourth instalment of our blog series on the support available to small business owners, we wanted to do something a little different and share a letter to you from our co-founders, Anna and Chloe. So if you run a small business, and...

How to be more productive

So far in our series of blogs relating to productivity, we've looked at why people procrastinate and how doing so affects your business. There really are so many ways we can be distracted from the tasks we really need to get done. So, what can we do about this? How...

Mental health tips for small business owners

For this third instalment in our blog series on sources of support, we'll be focussing on mental health tips for small business owners. But why is this so important? A particular statistic from the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards' Mental Health in...

How procrastination affects your business

As small business owners, we all need to get things done. The buck stops with us. We know that. But then despite this, procrastination still affects us all! In our blog last week, we looked at the many different reasons for why this is, and even we were surprised at...

Support networks for small business owners

In the first instalment of a series of blogs on support for small businesses and their owners, we talked about where people can find (particularly financial) assistance to grow their businesses. But what if you just need support? Someone to listen? At Tabono we...

15 reasons why you procrastinate

Do you ever ask yourself why you can’t just get things done? If you’re prone to procrastination, then I’m sure this thought comes along pretty regularly. I often hear people saying things like 'I wish I could just get on with it when I need to, as once I do it I’m...

Where can I get support for my business?

It's a perennial question isn't it? Where can I get support for my business? Especially when you're just starting out, it's easy to think that you have to do everything on your own. That people won't be interested in a fledgling business like yours. Like everything is...

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