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Why you should invest in your mindset

We talk about mindset a lot. But before we get into why you should invest in your mindset, we need to be sure what it actually means. If you’re not too sure what we mean by 'mindset', it's a collection of beliefs that impact and influence how you see the world and how...

How to look after your mindset

Yesterday we launched our brand new coaching programme for women - called The Success Mindset Programme. It's a 6 session journey, led by Chloe, that's designed to help you to create a true success mindset - something that's so important when you run a small business....

Why should you invest in your business?

As small business owners, we all have things we would love to purchase for our businesses 'if we could'. But often we find ourselves holding back. Saying things like "I'll do it when I've achieved X,Y,Z", or quite simply "I can't afford it right now". And we get that...

Lost your business mojo? Here’s how to get it back.

Have you ever felt like you've lost your business mojo? Maybe doubted your abilities? Thought you're not good enough? Any of this sound familiar? Sometimes we all have a wobble and you end up feeling like you've lost your business mojo. Perhaps it was the knock-on...

Social media tips for business owners

New, on our blog today - our resident social media expert, Claire Fryer, shares her top social media tips for business owners. Claire Fryer is co-founder of One to Three Marketing Solutions offering training and mentoring to businesses wanting to use social media as a...

Tips for new business owners

The world is awash with tools, advice, and tips for new business owners. There are lots of advisors out there who promise you a secret formula, or a fool-proof blueprint for success. But in our opinion, everyone is different, as is their definition of success! What's...

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