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How to price your product (or service)

How to price your product is a question that comes up fairly regularly with our clients and in our members group. It can be a tricky question on a mathematical front, especially for those of us for whom finance isn't our strong point. But in addition, it can also lead...

Why should you invest in your business?

As small business owners, we all have things we would love to purchase for our businesses 'if we could'. But often we find ourselves holding back. Saying things like "I'll do it when I've achieved X,Y,Z", or quite simply "I can't afford it right now". And we get that...

Social media tips for business owners

New, on our blog today - our resident social media expert, Claire Fryer, shares her top social media tips for business owners. Claire Fryer is co-founder of One to Three Marketing Solutions offering training and mentoring to businesses wanting to use social media as a...

Tips for new business owners

The world is awash with tools, advice, and tips for new business owners. There are lots of advisors out there who promise you a secret formula, or a fool-proof blueprint for success. But in our opinion, everyone is different, as is their definition of success! What's...

How do you use a business plan?

At Tabono we get a lot of questions about business planning. Do you need a business plan? What do you need one for? And when you've got one, what do you do with it? How do you actually use a business plan? Yes. You heard me right. How do you use a business plan? And...

Getting to know your ideal customer

When it comes to growing your small business, getting to know your ideal customer is absolutely crucial. If you don't, how will you know who you're selling to? What their needs are? And what they actually want to hear from you? For example, if you're selling to a...

What does a business coach do?

If you've ever considered working with one, or at least Googling it, one of your first questions is what does a business coach actually do? Who are they? Why should you work with one? And how can they help your business? Here's our take on what makes a good coach or...

Why do women join Tabono?

Everyone knows how important it is for a small business owner to have a good support network around them, and this article from Inc. includes some great tips for starting to build one. But what about our own network? Why should women join Tabono? The Tabono community...

Why is small business important?

This month we're talking all about why we love small businesses. And let's face it - they're pretty easy to love! They're creative, innovative, exciting... and their owners are some of the most inspiring, hard-working people that you'll ever meet! But putting together...

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