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What do you think of when you hear the word gratitude? Reflection always plays a big part of my goal setting processes. Looking back and seeing what has already happened - including successes and challenges - helps us to learn and grow. It also allows us to set...

Top tips for staying productive.

The run up to Christmas is a great time to be productive. Why? Because there are deadlines everywhere! Not least because most of us want to wrap things up in our businesses in time to allow us to enjoy the latter part of the festive season and be in the moment....

Our first year in business.

As I type, We Are Tabono is one year and two weeks old, and we're so delighted to have reached this point in our journey. So in this post, we would like to share with you some of the things we learned during our first year in business. It's so important to take time...

The Tabono ethos.

Every business stands for something. We all exist to tell a story. To fulfil a need. We all have a brand and a culture. We all have an ethos. And it's the Tabono ethos that makes us different. But what does 'ethos mean? An ethos is the set...

What do you need for co-working?

If you've been following We Are Tabono, you'll know that we love our co-working sessions! But if you're coming to one of our events for the first time, you might be wondering what to expect, and what to bring with you. So here it is! Your co-working checklist! What...

Do things in a way that’s right for you.

Are the type of person who tries to do things in a way that's right for you? Or do you try to emulate others and their methods? Sometimes in life we look for guidance. When we are running our own business and trying to organise all the other elements of our lives, it...

Are you living your best life?

Are you living your best life? It's an interesting question, isn't it? I'm not talking luxury holidays, fast cars and big houses. I'm talking about whether you're living a life that leaves you fulfilled. And happy. That might not be the easiest life. It might not be...

The steps to successful style.

Lizzie, from Lizzie Parsons Image Consultancy, is our resident Style and Image Expert. Today she's sharing her steps to successful style as over in our members' LinkedIn group, but here's an excerpt to whet your appetite!...

Imagine Me Stories

As small business owners, learning from each other is so important. And today we are delighted and honoured to be able to share the story of Keisha Ehigie of Imagine Me Stories. ********************************************************************** Former city worker...

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