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What do you need to start a business?

Did you know that you don't have to have an established business to work with us? Many of our clients are established, and are looking for our support to grow, but an increasing number are very early in their business journey. Sometimes they are even just exploring...

5 of the best business tools

As an entrepreneur, it's vital to build strong foundations for your business. These foundations include not just financial and human resources, but also the processes, structures and information that make your business tick. And when it comes to establishing these...

5 signs your business idea will work

You've decided that you want to work for yourself. It makes sense for you and your family. You've probably even got an idea of what you want to do, whether it's something small and local, or something with more national or even international ambitions. But the first...

Why start a business

People say that we all have a business 'in us'. What do you think? Is that something that you've considered for yourself? If you're reading this blog, then that may well be the case! For some people, entrepreneurship is a natural career direction. Something they fall...

5 things that every successful business needs.

We're lucky that we get to support so many small businesses on a day to day basis. It's such an honour to be part of their journeys. And you know what? Every business is different. Just like every business owner is different. We all have our own ways of working. Our...

How to charge what you’re worth

One of the most common challenges that we come across in our chats with women in business, is pricing - also known as how to charge what you're worth. Women, in particular, are often prone to under-valuing themselves. We find it easy to compare ourselves with others...

What is your business tone of voice?

What is your business tone of voice? Is it something you've consciously thought about and developed? In today's guest blog, Claire Fryer from One to Three Marketing Solutions tells us exactly why business tone of voice should be at the front of your mind (and your...

What does a business coach do?

You've probably heard the term 'business coach'. You might even know someone who is one, or at the very least you might have come across one at a networking event. But have you ever asked yourself what does a business coach do? And how can they help you to grow your...

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