The Tabono Modules

The Tabono Programme consists of twelve one-month modules. Each module focuses on a different aspect of entrepreneurship and the attributes you need to develop in order to succeed. Find out how the Programme works. You can find a detailed description of each module by clicking the boxes below.

I was told about We Are Tabono from a friend who thought I’d enjoy it. I found them welcoming and approachable and after a couple of sessions I decided to do the course. As I am a novice in business I felt this would be a great start for me. It has proved to be much more than I expected. It focusses very much on personal confidence and resilience and is making me look at things about myself and my business that I hadn’t thought about but which will impact on my success. Chloe and Anna are very supportive but encourage me to really think about what I want personally and professionally. I would thoroughly recommend the course.


Month 1 - Vision, Planning & Goals

Creating a clear vision for your future is the cornerstone of effective planning and goal setting. Lay the foundations for that future, and start to turn your ideas into reality.


Month 2 - Well-being: Firm Foundations To Get You Started

If you don’t look after yourself, how can you successfully look after and grow a business? It’s time to create the right habits to allow you to thrive and to achieve.


Month 3 - Personal Branding: Who do you want to be?

Behind every good business is a good business leader. Decide what kind of leader you want to be, how that translates into a strong personal brand, and understand how to put that brand forward.

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Month 4 - Confidence

Everyone doubts themselves and their abilities, but a real lack of confidence and self-belief kills so many more dreams than failure. Banish the Imposter Syndrome and move forward with purpose.

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Month 5 - Time

Are you productive, or just busy? Learn how to make the most of those 24 hours and discover tools and strategies to overcome your procrastination, allowing you to love the life you live.

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Month 6 - Social Media & Technology

We can’t avoid the fact we live in a connected world, but finding balance can sometimes be challenging. Learn how to use technology effectively to enhance, rather than dominate, your life and business.

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Month 7 - Fitting Everything In

Fitting everything into 24 hours can be a real challenge, so finding the right systems and coping mechanisms is crucial. Review progress at this point, and plan the next stage of your Tabono journey.

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Month 8 - Business Planning & Strategy

Whether you are pursuing the next unicorn, or setting up a side hustle, we will take you through the steps to turn your business idea into a tangible plan of action! 

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Month 9 - Building Your Team

Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.

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Month 10 - Dealing with Change

Whether things just aren’t going to plan, you’ve hit a major curve ball, or life is just happening around you, take control and learn to cope and adapt.

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Month 11 - Know Your Audience

You have a killer idea and you’ve created your Team – now it’s time to take that idea to the outside world. Learn to network successfully, reach your customers and stakeholders, and build lasting relationships.

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Month 12 - Next Steps

Review, recognise and celebrate your progress and your successes. Then plan your next steps with confidence, purpose, hard work and determination. Make the Tabono principles part of your life, moving forward.

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Everyone’s journey through the Tabono programme will be different, and therefore each of the modules contains a series of optional upgrades, designed to allow you to tailor your experience and focus on the areas most important to you. 

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