Month 10 – Dealing with Change

By the time module 10 starts, you will have spent a lot of time focussing on yourself, establishing a positive mindset, and putting in place the right tools and techniques to support you. You will also have started to consider and build on your aspirations for your business. However, things will not always go smoothly, and you will always have to face challenges and obstacles along the way. The way we deal with change, curveballs, and unexpected things that interrupt our progress in a big or small way, can really impact on our wellbeing, our positivity, our confidence and our ability to carry through with our achievement of goals.

Building on the confidence module in month 4, we will continue to work on practical exercises this month to build on self-awareness. By taking time to consider how you currently talk to yourself, and more importantly how you would like to talk to yourself, we will open your thinking and encourage more positive patterns. We will also look at how other holistic approaches can support you in dealing with change successfully.

By the end of Module 10 you will have:

  • A plan to keep you focused on your goals, whilst avoiding and managing the curve balls.
  • Understood what is within your control and how to let go of what is not.
  • Taken time to listen to how you talk to yourself when on automatic pilot, and the opportunity to re-frame this and get in touch with your ideal alter ego.