Month 12 – Next Steps

Module 12 marks the final part of the Tabono course, and we want to take the time and care to ensure that you know exactly where you are heading following completion of the course. Over the past 12 months, you will have reviewed and altered your approach in a range of aspects of your life, and so keeping up momentum is vital. It is absolutely essential that you are feeling confident and happy with your direction – and that you know how to support yourself, and to seek support when you need it in the future.

Therefore, the principal activity for month 12 will be on reviewing your progress to date and planning for the future. As well as a very thorough template for you to capture successes and future goals, we will take the time to walk you through it step by step to ensure your plans are achievable. You will also get a one-to-one with our coaches so they can offer coaching input that is personal to you and your goals.

By the end of the first 12 months of your journey, you will have all of the tools you need to follow the same path. You will also be introduced to the support available through our alumni group.

By the end of Module 12 you will have:

  • Put in place a solid plan of action for the future, and the ongoing pursuit of your goals.
  • Spent quality one-to-one time with your coaches focussing on the areas you need most support with.
  • Recognised progress and success throughout the past 12 months, as well as learning from any areas that didn’t go to plan.
  • Had the opportunity to enter into our Alumni group where you continue to have access to all the Tabono Programme materials, experts and support.