Month 4 – Confidence

Confidence, and often a lack of it, affects our daily lives more than we realise. Many of us feel we are lacking confidence – to the point that it holds us back and damages our chances of success.

Throughout this module we will provide you with a range of tools and coaching techniques to help you to identify and understand both the stronger and weaker aspects of your own confidence, and resources to help you to build on them. As well as this, you will find inspiration from interviews and videos, including a number of real-life stories, and learn to build your own confidence through our Confidence Challenge.

We will also consider Imposter Syndrome. “Comparison is the thief of all joy”, as they say, and comparing ourselves to others, then feeling like we are not good enough, is so common. In this module we will tackle this head on and help you to combat and control these feelings, allowing yourself to seize every opportunity without talking yourself out of it, or fearing you won’t be able to achieve it.


By the end of Module 4 you will have:

  • Identified and understood which areas of confidence are weakest
  • Completed coaching tools and exercises that will dramatically improve your confidence, and provide you with the ability to truly appreciate and value your own skills and achievements.
  • Understood Imposter Syndrome and its triggers, and begun your own personal journey to manage and overcome it.