Month 5 – Time

How often do you find yourself saying “I’m so busy”, or even “I’m too busy”? Do you rush from one task to the next, yet never seeming to get anything ticked off your list? If so, you’re definitely busy. But you’re not productive. And most importantly, if you’re busy rather than productive, managing your schedule will become a constant, and growing challenge, leaving you very little down time – something which is vital to all of us.

Undertaking the “Time” module is so important, and requires you to be completely honest with yourself. We will be looking at where your pain points are, and what you’re currently doing to try and keep on top of everything. You will learn tips and tricks, and complete exercises that will encourage you to work smarter, adopting new systems and habits. As a result, you will feel that you have gained time and cut down your to do list. We will show you that discipline really does equal freedom.

With support from our Work/Life Balance expert, we will consider not just your professional lives, but every other area of life that we juggle – finding that balance is the only way to become truly productive.

By the end of Module 5 you will have:

  • Identified your productivity strengths, weaknesses and challenges.
  • Learned systems and strategies that can help you gain time and reduce your to-do list.
  • Gained more control of the time you have and how you spend it by improving your work/life balance. You will be in control of the “list” rather than it controlling you.