Month 7 – Fitting Everything In

Module 7 represents the start of the second part of the 12 month Tabono journey, and so is the opportunity to take stock of where you are and how far you have come, to highlight any areas you feel have been left behind, or any points that need a refresh to keep you on track.

We will spend the first two weeks looking at the sometimes conflicting or competing areas of real life, and the associated pressures, that you balance on a day-to-day basis, such as family, career and financial commitments, and consider how you manage it all. We will focus a lot on your mindset at this stage, and consider what you are taking ownership of, and why focusing on Progress, instead of Perfection is highly important. Interviews and case studies will inspire you and trigger an invaluable change in your thought process, creating real elements of self-discovery.

The second two weeks will focus on the Big Review. We will look back at what you have achieved during the first six months of the programme, and consider where you want to focus moving forward as well as reviewing, both honestly and realistically, how your big goals are progressing. To help this process you will have your one-to-one consultations with our coaches to provide you with highly personalised support and the opportunity to discuss concerns and challenges specific to you.

By the end of Module 7 you will have:

  • Achieved clarity on anything you are juggling that perhaps you need to re-frame, release or delegate.
  • Addressed your mindset and how you think, speak about and approach your daily juggle.
  • Gained inspiration and clarity from others on how they maintain their mindset and focus on the elements that make them happy and motivated.
  • Had a one-to-one coaching consultation to keep track of your progress and consider how you wish to move forward over the coming months.