Grant writing

Grant writing 

Applying for and securing grants, or other sources of funding, to support the development of your business can be a fantastic way to innovate and grow, allowing you to access people and resources that you might not previously have been able to. That said though, grant writing can seem daunting if you haven’t done it before. It can be hard to know what’s available, whether you’re eligible, and what chance you have of being successful.

But that’s where Anna comes in! Her mission is to make the grant writing process as straightforward and as drama-free as possible. Her aim is to work with you to create the strongest possible application and present your business to potential funders in the most effective way.


Anna Verghese

With more than 16 years’ grant writing experience, particularly in writing grants to Innovate UK, Anna has a success rate of more than 90%. The value of the projects supported as a result of her grant writing expertise now exceeds over £6 million. As well as Innovate UK, she also writes grants to other organisations including Berkshire Growth Hub and various charitable trusts and foundations on behalf of her clients.

Over the course of her career so far, Anna has worked with organisations of all sizes across a broad range of industries, including cutting edge technology and AI, food and the built environment, and the not-for-profit sector, all over the UK.

Based in Maidenhead, but working with clients across the country, recent partners for whom she has written grants to Innovate UK include Oxford Brookes University, Artclear Ltd, and Think Through Nutrition.


She joined the project at short notice after we were let down by another advisor and she made a fantastic contribution. Her advice was well-informed and complemented her down to earth approach. Thanks to Anna, we submitted a much improved application, prepared in a short time frame, with absolutely no drama.

Angus Scott

CEO, Artclear Ltd

Anna’s grant writing support is closely tailored to the needs of her clients, and the funding they wish to apply for, but generally falls into three primary services:

1) Done For You: Writing a grant on your behalf

2) Preparation: Guiding you to shape and write it yourselves

3) Reviewing and editing: Providing a fresh pair of eyes proposals that have already been drafted

If you would like more information on how Anna can support you with your grant writing project, the first step is to email her via the form below, with more information on your needs. She will then contact you to follow up and arrange a time to discuss further. You can also click to learn more about other ways you can work with Anna to grow your business.

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