Life Coaching for women

Chloe has helped me to get my ambition down on paper with a concrete action plan to follow, and she encouraged me at all times. I have truly benefited by Chloe’s calm but firm approach.


Life coaching for women is hugely transformational. Why? Because when you work with the right coach, the result is that you feel empowered to believe in yourself and do things differently.

Chloe Leibowitz, a qualified and highly experienced coach, leads our life coaching for women programme at Tabono. She specialises in supporting female small business owners and entrepreneurs and has a wealth of experience in this area.

Everyone’s reasons for choosing to work with a life coach are different, and so sessions are tailored to meet your needs.  Examples of topics that can be included are confidence, wellbeing, productivity and organisation. By working together for a minimum of 6 sessions, Chloe holds you accountable for your actions and in doing so helps you to create positive, and lasting change.


The Success Mindset Programme

The Success Mindset Programme is our signature coaching programme. It is designed to support participants to develop the mindset they need to achieve the level of success that they’re looking for in their personal life, professional life or both! Contact Chloe to set up a free consultation to find out what you can achieve with a success mindset!


Getting started with life coaching

Do you want to know more about how our life coaching for women programmes work? Let’s chat about how it can benefit you both personally and professionally! Contact Chloe to book a FREE discovery call today!

Sessions can be held virtually or in person  where the client lives in the Maidenhead area.


Coaching allows you to live your life with purpose. It brings clarity and direction, ensuring personal and business goals are within reach.

Chloe Leibowitz

Co-founder, We Are Tabono

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