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We Are Tabono is all about providing entrepreneurs with the support that they need, in the way that they need it. Our principal objective is to provide our clients with the knowledge, resilience and resources they need to help their business succeed, and look after their own wellbeing at the same time.

Personal coaching allows you the focus and space to explore your ideas, your frustrations and challenges, and to find a way around those barriers and start making the kind of progress you’re looking for.

Alongside our training programme and membership community, We Are Tabono also offers 1 to 1 personal coaching covering  wellbeing, mindset and business. 

Coaching costs £125 per hour, but when you book four or more sessions, this rate will reduce.

To find out more about how personal coaching can help you, contact us to arrange a discovery call with either Mike or Chloe. This free of charge, 30 minute call is our opportunity to get to know each other, and work out how we can work together to support you.

Chloë Leibowitz

Chloë Leibowitz

Co-Founder, We Are Tabono

Chloe is a qualified Life Coach who has been practising for 8 years. She specialises in supporting entrepreneurs in areas such as confidence, goal-setting and defining purpose and vision, focussing on ensuring progress rather than chasing perfection.

In addition, she is an expert in the art of bullet journaling and increasing productivity.

Chloe’s approach focuses on being warm and encouraging, whilst keeping you accountable and focussed on your goals. Her positivity and creativity set her apart!

Mike Bourton

Mike Bourton

Senior Associate, We Are Tabono

Mike is a highly experienced businessman, and currently CEO of his organisational resilience and crisis management consultancy, Right Stone Consulting. 

His passion, drive and focus ensures that clients are able to make significant progress with their goals, and open doors and opportunities that they never thought possible.

Mike’s extensive knowledge, experience and commitment makes him an asset to any entrepreneur, regardless of where they are in their business journey.

Coaching allows you to live your life with purpose. It brings clarity and direction, ensuring personal and business goals are within reach.

– Chloe Leibowitz

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