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You will almost certainly be familiar with the term ‘coach’ – life coach, business coach, weight loss coach, and so on. But have you ever wondered how a coach can support your business?

Firstly, working alone can feel like endless responsibility. The weight of continual decision-making. Keeping sight of where you are going and ensuring that those decisions are taking you in that direction. In the face of that, how do you keep yourself motivated and accountable?

It’s all in the team

The team around us is all important. At Tabono we are huge believers in surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and enable you to keep moving forward.

But what kind of people are we talking about? Well, anyone who supports you in life and business. It might be friends who really see your vision and encourage you along, rather than trying to talk you out of things. Your home team who help you do the juggle and give you the love and encouragement you need. 

People in your working world might include networks of other business owners. Co-workers. Anna and I used to work alone all the time and now love the opportunity to work together as business partners, but also alongside other small business owners at our co-working events.

Perhaps you work with other people in your support network, such as your accountant, a social media manager, a mentor, a photographer….the list can go on and on. All those kinds of people are on your team for you and your business.

So, how can a coach support your business and be part of your team? And why is coaching sometimes exactly what you need?

What is it about coaching?

As mentioned before, the journey to where we want to go is rarely a straight line. There’s usually a lot of sideways steps and zigzagging. One of the huge benefits of working with a coach is that you can find a perspective that allows you to eliminate some of the unnecessary tangents you might otherwise go off at.

With a coach, you can take the time to figure out exactly where it is you want to get to in your life and in your business. It’s important to put the emphasis on both areas so you can create balance. Be wary of putting all the focus on business, and ignoring your wellbeing or home life. That balance is crucial.

Knowing what that future vision allows you to have a really solid check in when you set goals along the way. Is the action in question really going to take you closer to where you want to go?

An impartial view

The great thing with coaching is that it is not a way someone else tells you what they think you should do. Coaching empowers you to find your own way, even when you feel you don’t know what it is.

Our friends and family and other supporters are brilliant, but they are not trained to really listen and help you find your own way. With all the best intentions, they may still be inclined to tell you what they would do, or what they think is best, rather than help you work out what is best for you. A coach will help you align your decision making process with your core values, so that those goals feel absolutely right for you, and that you want to take action.

Productivity is something that can be pretty hard to keep a handle on when you work alone. The accountability you get when working with a coach is like gold dust. Regular coaching sessions can be used as a motivator to really make progress on the actions you commit to and report back as you move along.

Importantly, if you take time to find a coach you have a really great rapport with, your sessions can be incredibly uplifting and motivating. You will share a lot of detail with your coach, so it’s imperative you like and trust them. If you get that fantastic feeling coaching relationship, your sessions and interactions are bound to leave you fizzing with inspiration and feeling a renewed energy and commitment to your business and your life.

If you’ve been wondering how a coach can support your business. Or if you’ve thought about coaching before but not really known why you would work with one, get in touch! We’ll tell you all about how our coaches can help you and your business.